Media Center Expectations, Procedures, Policies & Consequences

  • Expectations:Media Center Expectations
    In the Media Center, you will...
    1. Be courteous to others working nearby by keeping your voices low.
    2. Be prepared to work constructively.
    3. Respect school property and others.
    4. Bring your positive attitude and willingness to learn!
    In the Media Center, Mrs. Edwards will...
    1. Be open to answering your questions about library-related matters.                           
    2. Help you find the resources you need.                                        AttributionSome rights reserved by symphony of love
    3. Assist you with citing your sources.            
    4. Share her knowledge about interesting books, the research process, useful databases, robotics, and utilization of technology!
    1. Store/throw out any food & drink prior to entering the  Media Center.
    2. Get a pass from the teacher whose project you're working on.
    3. Bring your pass to the library.
    4. Sign in/out of the Media Center for each section of study hall that you have a pass for.
    5. Be in your seat, ready to work, when the bell rings.
    6. Obtain permission and a hall pass prior to leaving the Media Center during blocks.
    7. Stay in your seats until the bell rings at the end of block.
    1. Cheating and Plagiarism are not tolerated - school academic integrity policies will be followed.
    2. Students may work in the Media Center during Study Hall, Lunch or regular class time, with a pass, as long as there are work spaces available.
    3. Passes must list the assignment and what library resources the student needs to use.
    4. Passes may only be signed by the teacher whose assignment is to be worked on.
    5. Students reporting to the Media Center without a pass will be sent back to study hall.
    6. Students may work in the Media Center before and after school, as long as there is a Media Center staff person present.
    7. Please be aware that teachers and their classes have priority use of the Media Center.
    Consequences for disruptions and inappropriate behavior:
    1. Verbal warning.
    2. Ejection from the library (back to class), Teacher detention, and a call to home.
    3. Referral to the Assistant Principal's office