Digital Book Trailers, the Animoto Project

  • Description:
    In this project, you will read a “free choice” book and then convince others to read it, too! You will create a brief digital book trailer using the online product, Animoto. You will write a storyboard and research appropriate images to complement your book. Your digital book trailer will be assessed as outlined by Mrs. Edwards and your classroom teacher.
    Essential Questions:
    • What elements of the story do I need to include in my book trailer to convince others to read the book I’m recommending? 
    • What elements “sell” a book? 
    • How do I find authentic and appropriate images to use?
    • How do I share the copyright information for these images?
    Sample Digital Book Trailer created by Mrs. Edwards using the free Animoto software:

    The Extra by Kathryn Lasky

    Step 1 - Mrs. Edwards' Led, Class Activity: Watch & analyze sample book trailers [many K-12 created samples may be found here:]
    Step 2 - Individual Students: use this worksheet to gather your thoughts:
    Step 3 - Individual Students: use this worksheet to create your storyboard concept:
    Step 4 - Mrs. Edwards' Led, Class Activity: Creativity & Copyright in a Digital Age - Image Copyrights & MLA Format
    Step 5 - Mrs. Edwards' Led, Class Activity: Researching authentic images using databases and the Internet
    Step 6 - Individual Students: select, save, and document your found images on your student G: drive
    Step 7 - Individual Students: go to to start creating! Create your login and use the promotion code Mrs. Edwards emailed to you to upgrade your free account to an Education Account
    Step 8 - Individual Students: Download your book's Animoto to your student G: drive so Mrs. Edwards can access it
    Step 9 - Individual Students: Present it to the class...Convince others to read the book!