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    Email Address:  lcrowning@manasquanboe.org
    Phone number: 732-528-8820 Ext. 1660

    The Manasquan High School Academic Team is a team dedicated to integrating knowlege and fun!  We meet a minimum of once a month, and more often as we prepare for competitions.  We compete throughout the school year in both regional and national academic tournamentsThe Challenge! competitors .
    Our competitions are run in a Jeopardy-style format where teams select the category and points option.  If they are correct, they earn those points, but if they are incorrect, the other team has the option of "stealing" those points.  Cateogories run the gamut from arts and entertainment, music and language to traditional school topics of math, science, history and literature. 
    Our team competed in Cablevision's "The Challenge" two years in a row!  Look for us to compete again in the future.  
    Any student interested in joining the Academic Team should contact Mrs. Crowning in Room 220 of the High School, or via email.  We are always open to new members.