For those students interested in the Academy of Finance, you can download the following:


    AOF Brochure 2022

    Any senior who wishes to apply for an AOF Scholarship, please click below:

    AOF Scholarship Info 2024


    Matthew Caughey Scholarship

    Please check the below links for more information on the requirements for the Internship Program for the Class of 2025:
    Georgian Court University Course Ahead Program:
    The Academy of Finance is fortunate enough to have a dual enrollment agreement with Georgian Court University (GCU) for six Academy of Finance courses.  The course names and numbers are as follows (the course names may be slightly different on the GCU website).  The Course Ahead classes cost $270 for the 2023-2024 school year.   
    AC 171 - Accounting 
    EC 180 - Economics
    BU 314 - Entrepreneurship (Fall 2023)
    BU 134 - Financial Planning (Spring 2024)
    AP - Macro Economics 
    AP - Micro Economics
    In the event your school requests it, the syllabus for the respective Course Ahead courses are below.  If your school has any questions about the course's content, please have them email your teacher for that course.
    Accounting 1:
    It is important to note that you must register for any Course Ahead course at GCU at the start of the semester.  You may not register for any courses after you've taken them.   
    Please click on the link below for information on registering for the correct Course Ahead class.    

    If you have any questions, please contact the following people at GCU: 


    Priscilla Alicea/Denise Molnar

    Phone #732-987-2745/732-987-2239

    Email: palicea@georgian.edu/dmolnar@georgian.edu

    Please click following link for information on how to obtain a GCU transcript for the college you will be attending.  
    You will need to establish an id to request the transcript.