In "FLOW" an athlete's mind is stretched in a way that increases focus and makes effort a satisfying reward.  Athletes become so deeply involved in the moment and in control of their experience, that time and place melt away, leaving them in the zone of high performance.  They have clarity of purpose, receiving and processing feedback effortlessly.  Time stops because the focus on the task is so complete.

    Author of "Every Moment Matters" John O'Sullivan


    Manasquan Boys Soccer 2019:

    Captain's Practice - starts Monday June 1, 4 to 5 pm.  Everyone in the Manasquan boys soccer program is invited.  These are informal, voluntary training sessions that will be lead by Coach McGill and memebers of the Manasquan High Schools boys soccer coaching staff.  The sessions will be held on the high school turf field every Monday until training camp begins.

    Manasguan Boys Soccer 2020:

    8/2 - Cappelli pre-season - 2 scrimmmages (players need to be invited by coaching staff)

    8/11 - CBA pre-season - 2 scrimmages (players need to be invited by coaching staff)

     AUGUST 17-19 - TRY OUTS.  All candidates are expected to participate in ALL 3 days of tryouts.

    8/24 - Scrimmage at Rumson

    8/27 - Scrimmage v Shore Regional

    tbd - Scrimmage v Rahway

    9/4 - Scrimmage v Marlboro



    9/8 - at SJV

    9/10 - at Freehold Boro

    9/12 - v Point Beach

    9/14 - at Middletown North 

    9/16 - v Matawan

    9/18 - at Monmouth Regional

    9/22 - v Wall

    9/24 - v Neptune

    9/26 - at Holmdel

    9/28 - at Brick (old)

    9/30 - at Colts Neck

    10/2 - v Middletown South

    10/6 - v Redbank Regional

    10/8 - at St Rose

    10/10 - v Ocean

    10/13 - Shore Conference Tournament starts.

    10/26 - State Tournament starts.  




     Manasquan High School Boys Soccer Team Guidelines and Rules:


    1. You must exhibit total commitment and respect of your family.  Your level of participation in the MHS Boys Soccer program could be impacted if your family deems it necessary.
    2. You must follow Manasquan High School rules, regulations and protocol at ALL times – on and off the field.  MHS Administration, Athletic Department and MHS Boys coaching staff will hold all players accountable for knowing and adhering to all school rules.
    3. The Manasquan Boys Soccer coaching staff expects all players to treat team mates, coaches, administrators, teachers, refs, spectators and opponents the way you want to be treated.

     Specific rules:

    1. a)  on time = 15 mins early to reporting time for training, matches and team functions.
    2. b) all players must be dressed to practice the day prior to match.
    3. c)  all players must respect all personal and school equipment at all times.


    1. d) all other team rules and regulations will be dealt with internally by the MHS Boys coaching staff.

     *** your starting position, playing time off the bench, playing at all or place on the team will be jeopardized if any of the above guidelines and rules are breached. 

    Tom McGill


    732 245 6299






    Head Coach:           Tom McGill
    Assistant Coaches: JV - Kirt Wahl, Freshman Mark Levy
                                                                                         Varsity Assistants - Jim Crines and Jeff Algor.  Goalkeeper Coach - Dave Zupko  
    732 245 6299 
    Athletic Director
    Pete Cahill
    Manasquan Public Schools
    169 Broad Street
    Manasquan, NJ 08736