• Student Guidelines and Expectations-All Classes

    Mr. Freda


                Hello, and welcome to my class. It is my pleasure to have you as one of my students. I hope to do my best to provide you with a learning environment that is educationally sound and productive. My program will keep you abreast of current technological trends and provide you with information that will allow you to stay competitive with other high school students your age. In addition to scholarly work, I will also take advantage of our time together to teach you some of life’s lessons and to help you in any way I can. I would appreciate it if you would review my classroom expectations carefully and ask any questions that you may have. You may do so now or consult me privately. 


    Attendance & Homework

    ·     All Students are required to be in class everyday.

    o  If you are absent from class you have missed notes and/or assignments, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.  If you are absent one day, you have one day to make up the work you missed. Two days/two days, three days/three days. If you are absent from school for more than three days, you are probably very ill and will have two weeks to make up all the incompletes according to school policy.

    o  If you feel well enough please make every attempt to call a classmate the night of your absence to find out what work you missed.

    ·     Come to class prepared!

    • Homework and or assignments must be checked each day on Canvas

    • Homework must be completed everyday- Late homework will be accepted only one day late for 50% credit as per Science Dept rules.

      o  If an emergency arises at home that prevents you from completing your homework please come with a note when you return to school and homework can be made up.


      Student Requirements

      ·     All textbooks must be covered the first day

      ·     Student Needs:

    • Have your tablet with you each day fully charged. When you come to class open it up, turn it on, and be ready to take notes or use the tablet for class study, classwork or assignments.


    • Please use your tablet appropriately. Improper Use of the Tablet Camera: The Manasquan Board of Education policy #5516 states: “Any audio and/or video recording by a pupil using their personal ECRD (Electronic communication and recording device) with permission of a school staff member while participating in a curricular or school-sponsored activity where other pupils or staff members are present shall require the permission for such recording from any other pupil and their parents or guardians and/or staff members whose voice or image is to be recorded.” Students that do not abide by this policy will be subject to the consequences outlined in policy #5516. 


      o  Class notebook-  spiral bound- this will be used for notes

      § All students must keep abreast of their grades on Genesis. All assignments will be assigned a point value.

      o  Physics students must have these additional items

      ·     A hard covered black notebook for lab reports

      ·     Calculator must be brought to class- everyday

      ·     A protractor


      · Honors physics students will have special long term project and presentation to be completed and presented as part of the course requirement.


      Classroom Rules

      ·     Listen to and follow all directions- they will only be given once

      ·     Take detailed notes during class discussions and lectures.

      ·     Do not disturb or distract anyone around you. It is inappropriate behavior, not to mention rude and discourteous. I expect all of my students to act as mature young adults; I plan to treat you as such.

      ·     No sleeping is allowed in class. If you do, you will be sent to the nurse to see if you are all right.


      Test Policies

      ·     You can expect a quiz on a weekly basis, major tests will be bi-weekly or at the end of a unit.

      ·     No violations of the school’s test policies will be tolerated. See student handbook.



      ·     Tardiness will result in the following actions:

      o  Late to class 1st time = warning, 2nd time = detention of 30 min., 3rd time = office referral and it counts as an absence.


      Extra Help

      ·     Help is available after school on Wednesdays in room 121 until 3:15pm. I am also available at other times by appointment. We can work around your schedule.




            ·     Your current grade will be available on Genesis all the time



      Good luck to you this year. I know you will do your best and be very successful. Remember, I am here to help you in any way that I can. Mr. Freda





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