Science National Honor Society
  • What is Science National Honor Society?

    SNHS is a prominent scientific organization that will engender a new crop of young thinkers who will be the future of industry, research, and scientific exploration for America.  Participation in this academic club encourages leadership and supports a student's academic achievements in the sciences.  We are committed to the promotion of excellence in scientific thought and research through service to school and community.

    SNHS is not directly affiliated with the National Honor Society.

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  • Science National Honor Society

    Advisors:  Mrs. Lisa Crowning

    Location: Room 351

    Meetings: Monthly


    Membership: Application Required (process starts in the spring of Sophomore year).  Students must submit a petition to apply, as long as they meet the rigor of the requirements, which include an A average in science classes, and A average over-all, and have taken at least 2 Honors and/or AP science classes.

    Dues: $20 per year