Chess Club
  • Chess Club

    The purpose of the Chess Club is for students to enjoy the game of chess. Beginners can learn the game, others can continue to sharpen their skills. For those who like to compete, MHS is part of the Shore Chess League. We compete against other high schools in the shore conference. Check it out, all are welcome.

    What the Chess Club is about:

    • All are welcome.
    • We meet after school at least once a week.
    • Top 5 players can compete on record. Others would have “Friendly matches”.
    • Competition season is from mid-November to the end of January.


    If you are interested in joining the Chess Club for the 2020-21 School year, please send an email to Mr. Snyder:


    Advisor: Mr. Snyder,

    Location: Media Center

    Meetings: One day a week determined by members. Email Mr. Snyder for confirmation.