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  • What is the Innovation Lab?

    The Innovation Lab (iLab) is MHS’s makerspace. Develop your own inventions for competitions or just explore the world of emerging technologies! All interested MHS students are invited to use these new technologies in projects both large and small. The iLab provides MHS students the ability to incorporate 3D printers, robotics, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, and other emerging technologies into both curricular and extra-curricular projects. Creative thinking, technical skill, and “learning-by-doing” are encouraged. Students identify additional activities they'd like to incorporate into their iLab experience such as the STEAM TANK Invention Competition, Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam, or Squan Esports Team (to name of few). Apply to Mr. Snyder for permission to use the equipment. Learn more: STEM Academy / Innovation Lab (

  • Innovation Lab

    Advisor: Mr. Snyder,

    Location: PLTW Innovation Lab (room 460A)

    Meetings: During Lunch, read morning announcements for dates

    Membership: none

    Dues: None