• What is the Environmental Club?


    The Manasquan High School Environmental Club is an opportunity for the student body to not only become involved in a club but also make a real difference in our community both locally and abroad. Students involved in the club are making a difference by coming to meetings, sharing ideas and participating in activities. This gives them the opportunity to be introduced to other students and professionals who share the same passion for improving our environment. Our students have taken a sincere interest in their community and their contributions have earned them recognition. Most importantly, they are changing their world for the better. The Environmental Club has grown in size, spirit and determination. All of the members want to make a difference, have their voices heard and most importantly they want to help the environment. At each monthly meeting, we open the floor to any ideas. This has led us to creating new projects such as…can top collections, new websites and on-line petitions signed by our members. Local community projects include the adoption of a section of beach dune grass and helping to monitor two endangered beach-nesting bird species. Together, the students of Manasquan High School Environmental Club and the community are making a difference to keep our area healthy, green and prosperous.

  • Environmental Club

    Advisors: Mr. Glenn/Mr. Wasnesky

    Location: Media Center

    Meetings: Monthly Meetings, dates will be emailed to students and announced during MHS-TV

    Membership: open- Just come to our meetings

    Dues:  $5.00