• The objective of this club is to provide interested students with an opportunity to study various genres of film and a forum for relative discussion. Students who wish to join this club will be expected to attend and contribute to as many meetings as possible. MEETING DATES FOR EACH YEAR ARE LISTED OUTSIDE ROOM 111. Sometimes, there will be a small, one time $5.00 fee for movie rentals if needed. Meetings will be held montly in room 111, then 114 after school. Any schedule change or cancellations will be announced.

    Students who attend regularly may choose and present movies with Mr. Harvey's approval. Interested seniors may become club president(s)! Put it on your college resume!


  • Film Appreciation and Analysis Club

    Advisor: Mr. Harvey

    Location: Room 111

    Meetings: Monthly -- Dates on Sign Outside Rm. 111

    Membership: Open to All

    Dues: $5/year, when needed for film rentals