• Student Council is led by advisors, Maria Eldridge and Carol Anderson.  The Manasquan High School Student Council is responsible for maintaining and promoting the traditions and school spirit associated with our school.  The Student Council creates and implements fun-filled activities that are enjoyed by the students, faculty and community.  Student Council is open to all grades and members are elected by their peers in the spring for the upcoming year.  Qualifications include:  academic eligibility and signed petitions by classmates and their advisors from the previous years.  Meetings are held once or twice a month depending on the activities and committees in progress.  Some major activities that are planned are:  Halloween costume parade and contest, powder puff football game, spirit week, Thanksgiving Pep Rally, Poinsettia sale, etc.  Student Council is an organization dedicated to the betterment of the overall Manasquan High School community.  As elected participants, students must commit themselves wholeheartedly to the “Spirit of the Big Blue” in order to make the group a success.


    Student Council Advisors: Maria Eldridge, Carol Anderson

    Class Advisors:

    Freshman: Joann Hall, Cheryl Canonaco

    Sophomore: Meredith Heeter, Jamie Onorato

    Junior:  Geniene Podos, Rainie Koenig

    Senior: Allyson Griffith, Zachary Savacool





  • Student Council

    Advisors: Carol Anderson and Maria Eldridge

    Location: Room 202

    Meetings: TBD