• Manasquan School District will be using Genesis Parent Portal for scheduling Parent Conferences.

    1. Log into Genesis Parent Portal with your username and password

    2. Select the student for whom you would like to schedule conferences from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner.
      Student Navigation
      Student drop-down menu
    3. Select the Conferences tab from the left navigation menu for that student.
      left navigation menu
    4. Select the available event for which you would like to schedule conferences (Events may be different than pictured below):

    Availble Conference Events

    1. Here, you will see the conference schedule, where you can reserve times for your student’s teachers:

    Scheduling Conferences for Teachers Chart

    • Each teacher has a column which will show available slots. Each color represents a different conference status:
      • Green = Available Conference
      • Red = Conference time is reserved for another student and unavailable
      • Bright Green = Conference YOU have reserved (and can cancel or change)
      • Yellow = Conference time that conflicts with an already reserved conference you have scheduled. Please be sure to refrain from scheduling two conferences at the same time.
    • To select a conference slot, locate a date and time that works for you and click the Reserve button for that slot. A verification dialog will appear. Click OK to reserve the slot. Once you have reserved a slot, all the remaining slots for that teacher will become unavailable, as you are only able to reserve one appointment per teacher.

    Once you have completed reserving your conferences, navigating back to the “Conferences” screen will show you the list of conferences you have scheduled. If you have more than one student, select the next student from the drop-down list.

    Again, navigating back to the “Conferences” home screen will show you the conferences scheduled for that student, along with any other teacher conferences you have scheduled for other students. Here, you are able to view the room location for the conferences, update an individual conference as needed, as well as download and print out your list of scheduled conferences.