• Manasquan School District Mission Statement

    The Manasquan School District, empowers all students by providing a safe,healthy and inclusive environment where continual growth, perseverance, and rigorous academic standards are balanced with extensive extra-curricular opportunities and rich tradition through partnership with the community. 

    2015-2016 Manasquan Board of Education Goals

    PLANNING – Multi Year Goal

    Develop, implement, and support the district strategic plan.

    FINANCE – Multi Year Goal

    Develop a financial plan that looks at long-term and short-term needs for the Manasquan School District.


    Assist the administration with and promote the upcoming referendum.


    Continue to provide educators with opportunities to engage in collaboration focusing on instruction and student learning.

    2015-2016 Manasquan District Goals


    Goal 1:
     Academic excellence, to increase the academic achievement of students enrolled in the high school by creating a successful 1:1 learning environment.

    Goal 2:
    To prepare all students in grades 9-12 for career readiness by increasing the rigor and depth of content area subjects for student learning.  This will be evidenced by ensuring that the curriculum utilized in these subject areas are aligned to core content standards.  Individualized instruction, with a focus on differentiation, will serve as evidence.
    Goal 3:
    Continues improvement by using data to effectively examine and support successful practices of educational methodologies.  Engage teachers and administration in development of a data usage philosophy to create an understanding of the ways in which technology and data can be effectively used in our district.