• Ethics Disclosures of School Officials

    This Personal/Relative Disclosure Statement is required annually of all school officials in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:12-21 et seq., the School Ethics Act (the Act). The Personal/Relative Disclosure Statement must be filed by April 30th of each year, or within thirty (30) days of start of employment or taking office if newly elected or appointed.

    “School official” means a board member, a member of the board of trustees of a Charter or Renaissance School, an administrator of a local school district, an employee or officer of the New Jersey School Boards Association and other organizations covered by the Act, but not including any member of the secretarial, clerical or maintenance staff.

    The School Ethics Commission maintains a public database of disclosure statements.

    In compliance with N.J.A.C. 6A:28-3.2(f), a link to each of the district's school official's most recently filed disclosure statement is available using the links below.

Last Name First Name Official Type Disclosure Statement
(Click Link to Download)
Bolderman Bruce Board Member 2023
Bossone Donna Board Member 2023
Bramley Donald Administrator 2023
Burns Martin Board Member 2023
Cattani Eugene Board Member 2023
Christopher Patricia Administrator 2023
Cimino Cindy Administrator 2023
Coppola Richard Administrator 2023
Crawley Peter Board Secretary 2023
Goodall Robert Administrator 2023
Hudson Matthew Administrator 2023
Kasyan Frank Administrator 2023
Kenney Lesley Administrator 2023
Loffredo Joseph Board Member 2023
Manetta Megan Administrator 2023
Murin Craig Administrator 2023
Pellegrino Thomas Board Member 2023
Place Jesse Administrator 2023
Polak Margaret Administrator 2023
Pollock Alexis Board Member 2023
Puleio Jaclyn Administrator 2023
Read Richard Administrator 2023
Sorino Alfred Board Member 2023
Tholen-Lobel Tara Administrator 2023
Walsh Christin Administrator 2023