• Online Payments

    The Manasquan School District uses the PaySchools Central payment portal so that parents can pay for their children’s school lunches, fees, and fines securely and quickly. No more lost cash or checks!

    Your PaySchools Account

    With your PaySchools Central account, you can:

    • Manage all your children’s accounts and fees in one place.
    • Set up auto-replenish to automatically fill lunch accounts when they’re running low.
    • Set up reminders and alerts.
    • Review your children’s purchases.
    • Handle payments 24/7, at your convenience, on any device.

    Creating a PaySchools Central account is easy:

    1. Create your account using your computer or tablet at: www.payschoolscentral.com.
    2. If you want to use your phone, download the PaySchools Central app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
    3. Complete account registration by selecting register, entering your profile details, setting up your password via the email link we’ll send you, then logging in.
    4. Add your children to your account using their student ID numbers.
      (If you are unsure of your child's ID number, this can be found in the Parent Portal, or on other school documents, such as a report card or schedule.)
    5. If you’d like, enter credit card and/or banking information as forms of payment to use with your PaySchools account, or simply plan to use guest checkout when the time comes.

    If you have a child in a different school district and have a PaySchools account:
    At this time, PaySchools only allows children from one school district to be linked to a single parent account/email address.  If you have children in two or more different districts and wish to use PaySchools for all of them, you must register for a separate account with a different email address.  If, however, you previously had a PaySchools account with another district and now all of your children are in Manasquan, PaySchools support can re-assign your account to our district if you contact them using the support contact information below.  We apologize for this inconvenience, however, it is currently a known limitation of PaySchools.

    Convenience and Processing Fees

    The following fees will be incurred per PaySchools Central Transaction:

    Lunch Accounts

    Paid with checking-account transfer: $1.95
    Paid with debit or credit card - $0.01-49.99: $1.95
    Paid with debit or credit card - $50 or more: 3.90%

    Other Fees & Fines (Non-Lunch)

    Paid with checking-account transfer: $1.95
    Paid with debit or credit card: 3.90%

    Need help with your PaySchools Central account?

    Rest assured that PaySchools is PCI-compliant and maintains industry-standard SSL certificates, ensuring all your family’s data is safe and secure.