• March 12, 2019 Manasquan High School Bond Referendum
    (For Details of the January 2017 referendum construction project completed January 2019, click here.)

    Front of School

    The March 12, 2019 Manasquan HS Bond Referendum includes ONLY:

    • Replacement of the heating systems in the oldest sections of the high school (1931 building & 1995 addition).

    • Upgrade the fire alarm system of the oldest sections of the high school (1931 building & 1995 addition).

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    Open Letter from BOE President Mr. Cattani

    Polls Open 12pm - 8pm

    Reasons for the Referendum

    Existing Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in the oldest parts of the high school is beyond its serviceable life and is subject to costly repairs.

    HVAC Equipment
    HVAC Equipment

    The system no longer works effectively or efficiently and has no functioning HVAC controls.

    Cannot control classroom temperatures.

    Cannot control humidity levels.


    The current system has begun to leak and create air quality and mold issues as well as damage to the building.

    Any mold issues have been mitigated and we continue to monitor school air quality.

    Building does not meet minimum fresh air standards according to The International Ventilation Codes.


    Classroom Unit Ventilator

    Why a Referendum?
    Costs Within the Budget Referendum

    * 2% capped increase in annual tax levy
    * No state aide

    * Must be approved by Manasquan voters
    * Cost allocated over 20 years to minimize tax impact
    * Manasquan taxpayers are approved for 40% debt relief from the state

    State Debt Service

    Total Project Cost:    $ 8,647,000
    State Aide (40%):    $ 3,458,744
    Capital Cost to Manasquan Taxpayers:    $ 5,188,169

    Tax Impact

    New Issue Average Tax Impact per $100 Assessed Value:
    $0.016 / year

    For Every $100,000 of Assessed Value:
    $16.29 / year

    Home at $625,018 (Average Assessment):
    $101.80 / year