• Teacher Evaluation

    The Manasquan School District believes that the key factors in providing teachers with the opportunity to develop and grow in providing quality instruction are a variety of quality professional development opportunities coupled with a comprehensive teacher evaluation model that promotes meaningful dialogue and prompts self-reflection. After a year of collaboration with administrators, teachers and professionals in the field, the district created its own state-approved teacher evaluation instrument which was implemented during the 2012-2013 school year. This instrument is a direct reflection of what district stakeholders believe to be the integral components of quality instruction, as the instrument provides a common language and understanding for teachers and administrators which articulates effective teaching across disciplines, age levels and abilities. Our evaluation instrument enables Manasquan High School educators to identify what promotes strong student understanding, inquisitive critical thinking skills and the innate ability to apply knowledge in complex real-world situations. The district model ensures that teachers employ best teaching practices that is infused with innovative, effective methodology and 21st century resources and technology.