• Charting Our Course:
    Restart and Recovery Plan to Re-Open Schools - 2020-21

    Fully Remote Learning Option

    The fully remote learning plan below options parents may choose for their children should they wish to not send their children back to school for in-person instruction. Parents making this choice must be aware that the District will offer comparable educational services that would otherwise be delivered in-person, however learning modalities will necessarily differ.


    Please contact your building's principal:
    High School - Robert Goodall
    Elementary School (PK-4) - Colleen Graziano
    Elementary School (5-8) - Megan Manetta

    Download a PDF of Fully Remote Learning Option here.

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    • Parents wishing to enroll their child(ren) in the fully remote learning option must do so using the Fully Remote Learning Enrollment form that will be available in the Parent Portal on Monday, August 3.
    • Deadline to sign-up for fully remote learning is Friday, August 7.
    • Once a student has selected an option for fully remote or in-person learning our expectation will be that they continue in that learning mode for at least the semester (half school year) to ensure continuity of education and assist the District with staffing stability, however individual consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis.
    • Any student/parent choosing to enroll in the fully virtual program must contact their guidance counselor to discuss their virtual plan/schedule.

    Fully Remote Learning in Pre-School/Pre-K

    • Pre-K students with special needs and requesting a fully-remote learning program should contact their case manager to arrange for an instructional program that meets the needs of their individual child.

    Fully Remote Learning in Grades K - 6

    • Each grade level will have a teacher designated for students participating in fully remote learning.
    • Each grade level’s remote teacher will have a “virtual classroom” in Microsoft Teams where all virtual components will be made available to parents/students in one platform. This will be a secure location and students/parent will need to login with their district account to access it.
    • Attendance, grading, and assessment procedures will be in place for all remote learners.
    • Each grade level will be designated as a morning session or afternoon session. A specific schedule will be prepared at each grade level and provided to the parents by the classroom teacher that designates how the morning/afternoon time will be divided up for the live online sessions and independent practice.
    • Core Subjects: Daily, whole-group lessons in the major subject areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies and science will occur as a synchronous learning experience at designated times during the day. At these designated times, parents will be responsible for signing on to the online meeting of the subject area lesson. During the whole-group lesson, students learning remotely can participate by answering questions, asking questions, receiving teacher feedback, or sharing a personal response.
    • Independent Practice: Upon completion of the whole-group remote lesson, an independent practice/task will be assigned for completion at home. Some independent assignments may include additional instruction through viewing teacher-prepared videos, presentations with voice overs, or utilizing an age appropriate web-based resource.
    • Special Subjects: A weekly asynchronous lesson will be created for special subject area classes (art, music, physical education, Spanish, and technology). Lessons will be published on the first day of the week and due on the last day of the week and can be completed at a time of the student’s/parent’s choosing.
    • Assessments: Assessments will be implemented via the Canvas, Microsoft Teams, or other web-based platforms associated with our mathematics and language arts programs. Periodic opportunities for live 1:1 assessments (such as a guided reading running record) may also be scheduled with a parent for the child as deemed necessary by the classroom teacher.
    • Assignments: Student independent assignments will be submitted to the grade level teacher via the Canvas or Microsoft Teams platform.
    • Parents of children in Grades K-6 who select the remote learning option for their must commit to having an adult available to assist children with logging on at the designated times for whole-group instruction as well as committed to ensuring that independent assignments and assessments are completed in specified timeframes.

    Fully Remote Learning in Grades 7-8

    • Grade 7 or 8 students choosing fully remote learning will attend synchronous, remote classes for Math, English, Social Studies, and Science with a dedicated remote teacher during the normal school day periods according to their student schedule.
    • In grades 7-8, teachers will utilize the Canvas Learning Management System to post links, assignments, and other instructional materials for both in-person and virtual students. Fully remote students will find a link on Canvas to attend the synchronous whole-group instruction portion of their class through Microsoft Teams. Teachers will utilize Microsoft Teams so that students can interact with the teacher live andask and answer questions, get feedback, and interact with other fully remote classmates and the teacher each school day. 
    • Flexibility will be allowed in the time classwork is submitted each day for fully remote learners to allow for some asynchronous learning and work time outside of the traditional schedule should this be needed. 
    • Special Subjects: A weekly asynchronous lesson will be created for special subject area classes (art, music, physical education, Spanish, and technology). Lessons will be published on the first day of the week and due on the last day of the week and can be completed at a time of the student’s/parent’s choosing.

    Fully Remote Learning in Grades 9-12

    • The nature of a comprehensive high school instructional program affords students the opportunity to take a number of varied core content and elective courses. Availability of fully online courses may differ, however, from those available to in-person students. In the case that a requested course is not available fully online, the District will work with the student/parent to reasonably accommodate requests through an alternative format (for example, independent study, completing assignment requirements for an in-person only class).
    • Students who opt for fully remote learning in high schoolare required to check-in daily with their teacher through the discussion board in Canvas LMSduring the class’s scheduled time to satisfy NJDOE and Manasquan School District attendance requirements.
    • Task and assignment completion are flexible throughout the day, as determined by the teacher. The length of time fully virtual students will be required to remain logged in to the learning platform of the lesson will vary, as determined by the teacher. 
    • Students will receive fully virtual core subject courses (English, Mathematics, Science, History)  through synchronous and asynchronous approaches daily.Please note that most virtual course offerings will follow a college preparatory level pacing and rigor.
    • Select honors and AP level fully remote courses will be available.
    • If a fully remote honors or AP level course is not available, a student may elect to join the virtual portion of an in-person/alternating day class and complete the designed assignments without attending on the in-person days.
    • Students will select additional elective courses based on availability offered in alignment with the in-school master schedule and daily bell periods but complete those courses online. 
    • Teachers will utilize remote learning best practices when delivering instruction through the Canvas and Microsoft Teams platforms, including online whole-group instruction, one-on-one video conferencing with a teacher, pre-recorded instructional videos, or guided research and exploration. Students can discuss progress or ask assignment questions through these platforms as well.
    • Fully remote classes will consist of real-time collaboration via teacher and student shared documents and digital workflow. Students will also work independently through guided practice and review (traditional independent practice, online textbook activities, other online tools). 
    • Students will experience formative and summative assessments remotely including but not limited to timed assessments, project-based assessment, open notes, reflective open-ended essays, exit tickets and flip grids. 
    • Virtual “office hours” will be available for fully remote students where the teacher will be available online during designated times for students to check-in and ask relevant questions or needing extra support.

    Resources - Microsoft Teams

    • Microsoft Teams is the online meeting and collaboration platform used by the District for video conferencing and other online collaboration.
    • Teachers of fully remote students will use Microsoft Teams to provide live whole-group or one-on-one instruction.
    • All District-issued student devices will come with the Microsoft Teams app pre-installed. Parents can also download the free Teams app on their own personal computers or mobile devices.
    • More information on Teams here.

    Resources - Canvas LMS

    • Canvas is the District’s Learning Management System (LMS) used in grades 5-12 that acts as a virtual classroom and singular location for lessons, assignments, class calendar, etc.
    • Parents can create their own “observer” accounts in Canvas to keep track of their child’s online work.
    • Canvas is fully web-based and can be accessed from any internet-connected device through a web browser or mobile app.