• Charting Our Course:
    Restart and Recovery Plan to Re-Open Schools - 2020-21

    Restart Committee

    • Dr. Frank Kasyan, Superintendent
    • Jesse Place, Assistant Superintendent
    • Dr. Peter Crawley, Business Administrator
    • Lesley Kenney, Director, School Counseling
    • Rick Coppola, Director, C & I
    • Colleen Graziano, MES Principal (PK-4)
    • Robert Goodall, MHS Principal
    • Megan Manetta, MES Principal (5-8)
    • Eugene Cattani, President, BOE
    • Fred Sorino, Vice President, BOE
    • Bruce Bolderman, BOE Member
    • Joe Loffredo, BOE Member
    • Ryan Basaman, MEA Co-President, Teacher
    • Dr. Elizabeth Martin, DO, Parent, Infectious Disease Specialist
    • Anne McGarry, Parent