• Charting Our Course: Restart and Recovery Plan to Re-Open Schools - Fall 2020

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As we receive questions and provide answers to them we will post relevant ones to this page.

    If after reviewing the below you still have questions,

    Please contact your building's principal:
    High School - Robert Goodall
    Elementary School (PK-4) - Colleen Graziano
    Elementary School (5-8) - Megan Manetta

    If a student selects a fully virtual or in-person option and feels it was not right for them after a few days/weeks are they able to switch into the other option or are they locked in to the decision?

    Answer: Once a student has selected an option we would prefer they continue in that learning mode for at least the semester to ensure continuity of education and assist the District with staffing stability, however individual considerations will be given on a case-by-case basis.

    When will details on a fully virtual learning plan be available?

    Answer:  Information on our fully remote learning option is now available here.

    How will high school students be divided into the "blue" and "grey" groups? Will children of the same family/household be on the same schedule/rotation?

    Answer: We anticipate dividing the HS students into the "blue" and "grey" groups alphabetically, but in any case considerations will certainly be made so that students of the same families can attend school on the same days.  (Even, for example, if two children of the same household had different last names.)

    How many students will be in my child's classroom at one time?

    Answer: Our classrooms will be limited to the number of students/desks that can be physically separated by at least 6 ft between students.  For most classroom this is approximately 15 students.

    How often will the current plan be re-evaluated or changed as the public health situation changes?

    Answer: We will be continuing to evaluate the plan as guidelines change.  The current plan is based on the guidelines/restrictions that the NJ Depart of Education gave us for re-opening in September.  We have assumed this will be our plan for the first quarter of school, recognizing that it may be longer or shorter depending on the state directives.  As guidelines tighten or loosen, we will reevaluate the plan.

    Can students who are in the fully virtual option participate in athletics?

    Answer: Yes, students are eligible for athletic participation with either option.