• Manasquan Board of Education - General Information

    What Does Your Board Do?

    The role of the board of education is to see that the school district is well run. The written policies of the board provide guidance and direction to the chief school administrator for making decisions and taking action. Examples of the Board’s responsibilities include appointing and dismissing personnel, maintaining the buildings and grounds and adopting an annual budget.

    The school district is managed by an Administrative Team which works within the limits of Board policies.

    What Does the Administration Do?

    The administrative team is guided by the Superintendent who is appointed by the Board. The Superintendent serves as chief executive officer, administers Board policies and keeps the Board informed of the needs and programs of the schools. The Superintendent is a non-voting member of the Board.

    The School Business Administrator is the chief financial officer for the district and conducts all business functions of the district.

    The District and Building level administrators are responsible for coordination, supervision and evaluation of programs within the schools.

    Public Participation at Board Meetings

    The Board will open the meeting for public discussion at two specific times. The first opportunity for public discussion is limited to agenda items only. The meeting is open for discussion a second time at the public participation portion of the meeting.

    When anyone wishes to address the Board, it is important that all speakers follow some very simple procedures that have been established for public meetings. After raising your hand and being officially recognized by the President, please stand and clearly state your name and address for the record.

    If you are speaking the first time that the meeting is opened to the public, you must limit your comments to an item on the agenda for that meeting. If you are speaking at the second opportunity for public participation you may speak on various topics.

    All comments or questions must be addressed to the President of the Board of Education or the person conducting the meeting.

    Special Board Meetings

    These are Public Board Meetings called for a specific purpose. They are open to the public and provide for public participation, as it is deemed necessary by the Board. Action and discussion by both the Board and public are restricted by law to the stated purpose of the meeting.

    Closed / Executive Sessions

    Closed or executive sessions are held in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act (Sunshine Law). These meetings are closed to the public.

    Topics discussed in Closed Sessions may include personnel issues, labor negotiations, legal matters, and other issues covered by applicable law. Board voting can only occur during an official public meeting. The Board may adjourn to closed session during a public meeting and reconvene in public session at the same meeting.

    Meetings are posted in the school office, and by delivery to the Asbury Park Press, Coast Star and the school district's website.

    Sending / Receiving Districts

    Manasquan is a receiving district for the municipalities of Avon by the Sea, Belmar, Brielle, Lake Como, Sea Girt, Spring Lake, and Spring Lake Heights. These districts send their students to Manasquan High School and are charged a tuition fee per student.

    Tuition is established by state formula and is applied to each student equally. The tuition calculation does not incorporate costs that are considered strictly Manasquan costs such as transportation for Manasquan residents and the principal costs of building projects; however, the interest on such projects is shared by all students.

    Three members of the twelve member Manasquan Board of Education are from the sending districts. These members only vote on motions pertaining specifically to the high school. All motions pertaining to the elementary school are only voted on by the nine members elected from Manasquan.