What proofs of residency are accepted?

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Under NJAC 6A:22-3.4, a district board of education shall accept a combination of any of the following or similar forms of documentation from persons attempting to demonstrate a student's eligibility for enrollment in the school district:

1. Property tax bills; deeds; contracts of sale; leases; mortgages; signed letters from landlords; and other evidence of property ownership, tenancy, or residency;

2. Voter registrations; licenses; permits; financial account information; utility bills; delivery receipts; and other evidence of personal attachment to a particular location;

3. Court orders; State agency agreements; and other evidence of court or agency placements or directives;

4. Receipts; bills; cancelled checks; insurance claims or payments; and other evidence of expenditures demonstrating personal attachment to a particular location or to support the student;

5. Medical reports; counselor or social worker assessments; employment documents; unemployment claims; benefit statements; and other evidence of circumstances demonstrating family or economic hardship, or temporary residency;

6. Affidavits, certifications, and sworn attestations pertaining to statutory criteria for school attendance from the parent, guardian, person keeping an "affidavit student," adult student, person(s) with whom a family is living, or others, as appropriate;

7. Documents pertaining to military status and assignment; and

8. Any other business record or document issued by a governmental entity.