• Notification of Positive COVID-19 Test Result

    September 12, 2020

    To the Manasquan School District Community:

    This message is to inform you that the District was notified by an employee from Manasquan High School that they received a positive COVID-19 test result.  This employee was last in our building on Wednesday, September 9.  We are providing this notification consistent with our Restart and Recovery Plan.

    While confidentiality restrictions prevent us from sharing additional details, upon notification of the positive test result, the District, along with the Monmouth County Health Department, immediately engaged in contract tracing to determine if the employee had close contact with any other individuals here at school.  (Close contact is defined by the Dept. of Health as being within 6 feet of another person for 10 minutes or more.)  Through this process, it was determined that no students were in close contact with the individual. Any potential close contacts who are employees have already been made aware and the Department of Health is working to determine if they meet this definition.

    Consistent with our plan, the building custodial staff implemented deep cleaning protocols which include the application of chlorinated disinfecting spray, which is EPA-approved to neutralize COVID-19, on all surfaces in the building.  The custodial staff also inspected all filters in unit ventilators and rooftop HVAC units and vacuumed all supply and return vents in all classrooms.  These measures were taken in addition to our normal enhanced cleaning protocols that are in place daily.

    According to our restart and recovery plan, you will be notified of any positive COVID-19 cases for staff or students that occur as we move forward.  Please be aware, our plan was designed anticipating that cases would sporadically arise and that, when they do, the number of school community members affected and the impact on the District is minimized.  Our restart protocols, implemented in both schools, that include the wearing of masks and social distancing, minimize the risks of the spread of the virus in our schools which is evident in this case given the lack of close contacts.

    According to our plan and the Department of Health’s guidance, schools will be open on Monday with our previously scheduled early dismissal schedule.  As a reminder, full school days will begin on Tuesday, September 15.

    Yours in education,

    Frank Kasyan, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools