• New Virtual School Day Bell Schedules Effective Monday, April 6

    For a printable copy of this letter, click here.

    March 31, 2020

    Dear Parents & Guardians:

    Thank you for participating in our survey regarding the length of our virtual school days.  As our partners in home learning, your opinion and perceptions are vital to us appropriately balancing instructional rigor with student well-being.

    Of the 663 parents who took the survey, 453 (68%) indicated they would prefer the District change to an abbreviated daily schedule.  We still believe in the importance of a structured virtual school day affording students the opportunity to interact with their teacher in a consistent and stable learning environment.  We also received several emails indicating that a later start time would be advantageous to our high school students. 

    Accordingly, we will be implementing the following changes beginning Monday, April 6:

    Manasquan High School

    • MHS School Day will run 9:04 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. daily. (Period schedule here.)
    • The new rotation of days will be A-B-E-C-D-E.
    • On “E” days, there will be no new assignments or assessments. On “E” days, students must still “check in” for attendance but these times are for “instructional office hours” where students can ask questions or catch up with teachers.

    Manasquan Elementary School

    • MES School Day will run 8:33 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. daily. (Period schedule here.)
    • All nine periods meet daily in this abbreviated schedule.
    • Grades 6-8 students must continue to “report” to class at the beginning of each period each day.
    • Students in grades PK-5 will continue to follow the plan that was distributed last week that combines scheduled live lessons and independent work.

    Also, in my prior letter, I announced that Monday, April 6 would follow an early dismissal schedule.  Please disregard this, as we will now follow the times above for April 6 and forward.

    Beginning Monday, April 6, free/reduced lunch hours will also be modified to 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

    As you know, our staff continues to work remotely but can be emailed or called and will respond to those messages.  Should you have a general question to be addressed by your school building, please leave a message at:  MHS 732-528-8820 x1990 - or - MES  732-528-8810 x2990.

    We recognize these are trying times for everyone.  We appreciate all the efforts our families and staff are making.  While we may be only at the beginning of this challenge, I am certain our and your efforts will pay dividends upon our return to normalcy.

    Yours in education,

    Frank Kasyan, Ed.D.