• School Improvement Referendum - January 24, 2023

    On January 24, 2023 the Manasquan Board of Education is holding a referendum election to address critical facility needs in our district.  The Board has made great efforts to design this project to complete important and necessary improvements to our schools in a financially responsible way – taking advantage of expiring debt such that the approval of this referendum will result in no net tax increase compared to what residents are currently paying.  As you can see below, the majority of this project is composed of upgrades to our elementary school building with other limited improvements to our high school band room and locker rooms.

    Manasquan Elementary School

    MES Educational Space Improvements

    • Renovation of 15 classrooms in the PreK-4 wing of the school including new ceilings, paint, flooring, casework and furniture
    • Additional toilets in two classrooms to accommodate future pre-kindergarten or kindergarten classes
    • Renovated art room with collapsible separator and doors
    • Science lab renovations including new casework, furniture and lab accessories
    • Gym renovation including new wood floor
    • Gym locker room renovations including new floor, paint, lockers and fixtures
    • Addition of windows behind the stage in the music suite.

    MES Site Work

    • Replacement of primary playground with inclusive play elements and rubberized surface
    • Remove and replace macadam blacktop adjacent to baseball field
    • Replace walls adjacent to macadam with waterproof sheeting, flood vents and new doors to storage area

    MES Infrastructure

    • Building-wide HVAC replacement for air quality improvement
    • Door hardware replacement and card reader installation in the PreK-4 wing to improve security
    • Brick re-pointing and control joints on exterior walls
    • Technology upgrades

    Renderings of Proposed MES Improvements

  • Manasquan High School

    MHS Educational Space Improvements

    • Band room renovations including lighting, floors and furniture
    • Boys and girls locker rooms
      • There have been no substantial upgrades since original construction in 1961.
      • Proposed upgrades will include new epoxy flooring, painted walls and gypsum board, ceilings in office spaces, and lockers

    MHS Infrastructure

    • Partial replacement of 1930s-era slate roof
    • Brick re-pointing and control joints
    • Water heater replacements
    • Technology upgrades

    Renderings of Proposed MHS Improvements

  • Out Buildings and District Site Work

    • Mill and repaving of BOE and IA parking lot, including drainage improvement to relieve flooding behind the Board of Education building
    • Field event upgrades to track and field facilities including new pole vault and high jump facilities as well as shot put toe boards and concrete pads
    • Grounds garage (adjacent to turf field) upgrades including roof replacement, heating systems, door replacements and electrical service replacements