Squan-A-Thon Results

Squan-A-Thon Raises Over $121,000!

This year three hundred Manasquan High School students danced all night in the MHS gym for another successful Squan-a-Thon. After working hard all year accumulating donations from friends, family, and local businesses, for the 8th year in a row, the MHS students enjoyed an unforgettable night. The night started off with inflatable obstacle courses, face painting, and of course, dancing.

Amidst all the fun and celebration, the students were able to hear the story of the Mizer family, who reached out to Squan-a-Thon for help when their daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease. This started off the night by putting things into perspective and showing the students how their hard work has changed a family’s life. This is truly what Squan-a-Thon is all about. Around 10 p.m., it was time for the mystery speaker. The MHS students were awe-inspired by NFL defensive end, Devon Still. Still captivated the audience with the story of his daughter, Leah Still, who fought and won her battle with cancer. Then, it was on to more festivities with karaoke, committee dances, pizza-making, bubble soccer, shredded-paper Easter egg hunt and relay races.

This was a night full of laughing, dancing, and fun all for the kids, by the kids. Senior Justin Condoluci spoke for the final time as a member of the committee. Justin is no stranger to Squan-a-Thon, as he first told his story when he was battling cancer in the 6th grade. Finally, as the sun rose in Manasquan, the students finished strong with a fan favorite – Zumba. One final cancer success story from another one of our very own, Pia Donadeo took center stage. When it was time for the reveal, the gym was silent. Mr. Battaglia announced the money totals from each year prior and the students sat anxiously, waiting as each committee member, one by one, turned around each number of the total, finally revealing the $121, 170.32 raised for local families. All the credit for such a successful event goes to the amazing students of Manasquan High School!