Aladdin Jr Update

Posted by Kristine Sliwoski on 3/16/2020

Dear Parents and Students,

I wanted to reach out regarding the spring musical, Aladdin, as so many of you have put so much effort into helping this be one of the best productions we have ever done.  I’m aware that at this point you’ve received e-mails telling you that the large activities have been cancelled/postponed, and of course, this includes our spring musical. 


The good news is that the administration was very quick to care about the student’s efforts into the show and immediately informed me of their plans to postpone rather than cancel.  While I do not have exact dates yet to share with you, it looks like we will be able to perform the show for three nights in May.  I will let you know more information as soon as it’s available to me.

The most important thing is that everyone stays safe and healthy.  However, I can only imagine the current disappointment for the kids.  Also, nothing is scarier than uncertainty.  I hate it myself, so while I don’t have many answers I’ve tried to put together the questions I’d think one would ask


Q: So Mrs. S, the play is still on?

A: Yes.  While the dates are not yet set in stone it seems we will still be able to perform all three nights.  As soon as this information is available,  I will send it along. 


Q: Are we having rehearsals still?

A: At this time I’m going to halt rehearsals for the next week.  The show includes many students sharing props, touching, and being close to one another.  Since we don’t have the pressure of time there is no reason to take any chances of sharing any additional germs.  Currently I plan to resume rehearsal on Monday March 23rd


Q What if I do sports and there are conflicts now with me doing the show?

A: Once I have dates I’ll also create a rehearsal schedule.  Up until the end it will not be 5 days a week since we have additional time.  It will only be five days a week the week prior.  Expect rehearsals 2-3 times a week in the meantime.  I will, as always, try to be upfront with you about the expectations as well as understanding considering these are extraordinary circumstances. 


Q: Mrs S, are you so upset?

A: I’m disappointed but trying to look on the bright side.  We get more time!  What show in the world doesn’t like having some extra time?  I won’t have to share the stage with the concerts.  We don’t have to worry about going forward and someone getting sick.  I get to see the greatest middle schoolers ever for an additional couple weeks, especially my 8th graders who will leave me soon.  When we leave rehearsals we can wear flip flops and still see the sun.  Maybe at the end we will feel it was even better this way.


Q: What about the tickets I already pre-ordered?

I still have all of your seats assigned as per the Wed, Thurs, Fri schedule.  Once we have dates locked in if anyone needs to change their tickets you can email me directly and I’ll either move tickets around or can always return your money.  Hopefully, somehow, it will mean we will sell more tickets! 


Q: What about the Aladdin raffle?

A:  Please keep putting the money in the PTO mailbox and I’ll make sure to get the envelopes I have to the amazing parents running this.  WE will send more info regarding the raffle in the next few days.


Q: Should I continue practicing?

A: Absolutely.  Use this time to learn your lines, to practice your dances, when we meet up on the 23rd we will pick up right where we left off.  Everyone MUST BE OFF SCRIPT BY THEN!!!


Q: Any final thoughts Mrs S?

A:  I love my cast so much.  And crew.  And high school helpers.  You are all amazing.  No one ever wants to direct anything one more day than they have to, and yet, I’m more than happy for the additional time I get to spend with all of you.  Let’s remember that the show being postponed won’t define our show, but how we handle a hiccup in the road.  After all, the show must go on!




Krissy Sliwoski