Callback List for Aladdin

Posted by Kristine Sliwoski on 1/29/2020

Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  As always I was truly impressed and am so excited for everyone!


For callbacks I'm listing who I need and suggested songs you may be asked to sing or resing. You may not be asked to sing but you will all be asked to read cold reads from the script.  You may read one role or many roles.  This is not a guarantee of a large role but an opportunity for me to see you again and how you take direction as well as how you work with the other actors.  


For callbacks I need to see the following:

Dave Seeley

Liam Pollock

I need the following girls to be prepared to sing Beyond the Palace Walls, you may also be asked to read for Aladdin's friend Kassim, Iago, or the Beggars.

Grace Buckley 

Megan Spears

Emily Spears

Olivia Maes

Maeve Korth

Mirabelle Elliot (please also be prepared to sing A Whole New World)

Molly McCarthy (please also be prepared to sing A Whole New World)

The following men may be asked to read for one or many of the roles : Jafar, Iago, Bobka, Omar, Sultan, Kassim, Razoul, Prince Abdullah, or Guards.  Please look over Jafar/Iago's song attached below as you may be asked to sing it.

Alex Passes 

Nick O'Neill Darago 

Lous DeGenova

Luke Dingler

Nick Bounassi

Luke Rudo

Andrew Marcucci

Callbacks will be in Room 108 tomorrow and should be done by 4:15