• MHS Early College The MHS Early College Program is designed for students looking for a unique high school experience.  The program follows a prescribed rigorous curriculum that enables students to earn their high school diploma and an Associate of Arts Social Science degree in four years.  Students concurrently complete coursework offered by Brookdale Community College and Manasquan School District.  During the student’s freshman and sophomore years, all Brookdale courses are taught at Manasquan High School by our teachers who have been approved as adjunct professors. As juniors, students spend part of their day at the high school fulfilling their high school requirements.  For their college courses they travel to Brookdale at Wall, 800 Monmouth Blvd.  In their final year of the program, students complete any necessary graduation requirements at MHS and then attend their college courses at Brookdale Lincroft Campus

    Brookdale at Lincroft Location of Instruction
    Grade 9-10: Manasquan High School
    Grade 11: Manasquan High School & Brookdale at Wall 
    Grade 12: Manasquan High School & Brookdale at Lincroft 

    Are you a student who is seeking a unique experience?  By choosing the MHS Early College Program, you are gradually exposed to the rigor and expectations of post-secondary learning.  This experience will help you define and/or clarify your career aspirations.  Many colleges will transfer the full Associate’s Degree to the required credits for a Bachelor’s Degree.  At some universities, you can enroll in programs that allow you to complete a Master’s Degree in the time it would take to earn a Bachelor’s degree.  You also will have access to Brookdale activities, support and resources. 

    In order to be considered for the program, you must be a student in good standing, adhere to all policies and procedures, maintain good conduct and behavior, attend the information session and orientation program, and complete all and return all application forms.

    After all applications are reviewed, applicants, whether accepted or not, will receive a letter from the Manasquan School District informing them of their status as a prospective MHS Early College student.  Students accepted into the program will be required to attend a student and parent orientation program.