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Achieve NJ
The New Jersey Department of Education has implemented a statewide teacher evaluation system which uses multiple measures to assess teacher effectiveness.  This initiative grew out of the belief that high quality educators are the most important in-school factor affecting student achievement. After a two year pilot program that involved more than 15,000 teachers and principals, the state Legislature approved and Governor Christie signed into law requirements for this new statewide educator evaluation system and tenure decisions (Teach NJ).  On September 11, 2013, the State Board approved the regulations outlining specific evaluation policies for 2013-2014 for the first year of full statewide implementation of this new system. 

Manasquan School District

Manasquan teachers believe our students deserve the best and therefore always give their best.  After the first year of Achieve NJ, Manasquan School District created its own state-approved teacher evaluation instrument, The Manasquan School District Teacher Evaluation Instrument.  This instrument provides a common language and understanding of what, according to all the stakeholders, constitutes effective teaching across disciplines, age levels and abilities.  It enables us to identify what promotes strong student understanding, critical thinking skills and an ability to apply knowledge in complex real-world situations.  Best teaching practices and professional development guide teacher and student-directed instruction which is infused with innovative, effective methodology and 21st century resources and technology.