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    Phone number: 732-528-8810 Ext. 2203


    While we are working for your child or children together, I need you all to know that I am here for you everyday. Please feel free to reach out to me via my email (ttrumpbour@manasquanboe.org) anytime.

    My lesson plans in Art always center around the Elements of Art. (Line, Shape, Space, Form, Color, Texture, and Value.) With the lessons below, remember to have fun and help your child explore the element given to them in each lesson.

    I am missing each one of your children and am eager to see their work.


    Miss Trumpbour





    I want to first thank all parents and guardians for helping their children with their Visual Arts lessons.


    You have shown a great deal of devotion for your child's Art education.


    This our final week of Art assignments for the school year and I feel it is a good time for your child to do a piece of Art that they would love to do using their own imagination.


    I will accept anything that they have created and worked on using one or more of the Elements of Art.










    Your child can always use one of the past Art lessons below.


    Remember, the Arts should be something that is fun for them.


    Let me know if you have any questions, and have fun!


    Stay well and safe!


    Miss Trumpbour












    Our hands are very important to us because they help us with everything we do. Lately, we have been told to wash our hands more often than usual. With the next two weeks our lesson will be about making Art with just one of your hands. 


    To start you may need help with tracing one of your hands. You can use any paper you have. Down below are two books about your hands. If you scroll down you will find many ideas that were done by other children with the same lesson.


    Try to keep you designs inside your hand and if you want to create designs for the background that is optional.


    These are the two books with their links:


    "My Hands" by Aliki




    "With My Hands" by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater





    Here is what you need to do. Remember your hand is unique to you.

    Below you will find how to start and many ideas done by students like yourself. Have fun! And...remember to wash your hands!


    Send finished work to my email.



    To start...


     Hand 2 Start by tracing one of your hands. Let someone help you if you are having a hard time.




    Examples of Lines


    Hand 1 To help you with line designs you may want to use some of the ideas on the above examples.


    Hand 3

    Try to start by filling in your hand only. If you want to create a background you can.



    Hand 4 Here is the example of the hand project done with background. Remember, you do not have to do the background.



    Hand 5 Example with hand and background using color.


    Hand 7 You can cut out your hand and curl the fingers you glue down to make a 3-D hand. First make sure you do your line designs or color your hand.


    Hand 8 This hand was made by a student creating Superheroes with each finger.


    Hand 10 You can draw your hand catching insects like a butterfly, ladybug or lightning bug. You can have fun with many small creatures to draw.



    Hand 11 Put some of your favorite objects to draw in your hand. I like how this student created line designs on each finger.


    Hand 12 Pretend you are taking an X-Ray of your hand and draw your bones!


    Hand 13 Create a drawing with objects inside and out of your hand. Use your imagination.












    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 




    During this time out of school, we have all needed someone to help us through. Art can be a way we can show we care about them. 


    This week I would like you to think about someone who has helped you while you have been away from school and create a heart from your heart. Your heartful heart which you will create will become your gift to them.


    Your heartfelt heart can be made of anything. Below there are steps showing how to create a simple heart. With your heart you can add color, designs or even create an outside-art-heart using materials from nature. Your heart will be a gift for someone who has cared for you now, so create your heart with feelings.


    Please send your hearts to Miss Trumpbour's email:




    And then give your heart to someone who has been there for you, as a gift of love!



    Here are two books that will connect you with hearts:













     Here is the step-by-step guide to help you with your heart.


    Heart 11



    Hearts with line designs using colors.


    Hearts 8


    Line designs going around the heart.



    Hearts 6


    Line designs going inside and out in different directions.



    Hearts 10


    Line designs in different parts of the heart.



    Heart 9


    Many different hearts using different colors.


    Heart 7


    One heart with many different colors.


    Heart 5


    One heart with radial designs with many colors.


    Heart 2



    Black and white hearts with lots of line designs.


























    Art and Music Combination Lesson for PreK-2nd Grade. Complete the Art portion then scroll down to watch the music lesson video. Both Ms. Trumpbour's lesson and Mrs. Gordon's lesson look the same on both pages. Submit a picture/video of your art or music to Mrs. Gordon and Ms. Trumpbour. 




     1. VISUAL ART

    This lesson is for Pre-School through Second Grade, appropriate to each child's individual level and abilities. I am doing the same lesson for all grades above to help parents with more than one child Pre-K through Second Grade.


    The Weatherman has predicted that we will have at least six days without rain over the next two weeks. 


    The lesson will start by watching a story and then will require your student to find objects in Nature, outside, and create a piece of Art. There are examples below to give you some ideas.


    Objects that can be found outside can be...






    sea shells, etc...



    First have your children watch the Youtube video, The Anywhere Artist, by Nikki Slade Robinson. Please skip commercial at beginning of video.



    The Anywhere Artist



    Examples to help you with your Art.

    There is no need for glue as objects can be laid-out for photo.


    Send picture Artwork to my email:




     Outside Art 1

    This is a Mandala or a radial design made in Nature. Start this design in the middle and it works its way out.




     Outside Art 2


    These children are creating all different designs that you can do too.




     Outside Art 3

     You can use outside materials to stack.




    Outside Art 4

    You can draw and use outside materials together.




     Outeside Art 5

     You can use one material to create an object.




    Outside Art 6

     You can use more than one material an object and draw also.





    Outside Art 7

     More ideas and ...






    Outside Art 8

    even more ideas.



     2. MUSIC


     Watch the music portion of the lesson and use what you found outside for your art project as instruments to sing and play along with Mrs. Gordon to the song "Beach Song". 

    Sing along with Mrs. Gordon "Beach Song"-----Click on the link to watch the lesson video






                     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




    Emergency Plans for April 6-17, 2020

    These are my plans for the next two weeks.



    This will be a two week lesson from Monday, April 6 until Friday, April 17. 


    During Spring we are so excited about seeing trees grow, plants flowering, and the coming of warmer weather. Many of us celebrate Spring by decorating Easter Eggs. For this lesson I wanted to focus on "the Egg." In almost all cultures the egg is a symbol of hope, new-life or new-beginnings. The lesson will start with the focus of the egg in the story of "Humpty-Dumpty." While Humpty-Dumpty reminds us of a tragic fall, the story I want your child to hear is a story of hope...hope that when we each go through some trouble, we can look at life with new beginnings.


    This will be a two week lesson from April 6 to April 17. The first week should be concerned with reciting the Nursery Rhyme, "Humpty-Dumpty Sat on a Wall." Then show your student or students the Youtube video showing and reciting the book, "After the Fall," by Caldecott Medal Winner, Dan Santat. If you do not remember the Nursery Rhyme, "Humpty-Dumpty," the Youtube video will recite it before the book is read.


    Have fun with this.


    After viewing the video, students should follow each grade's instructions for creating their own Humpty-Dumpty. I will give examples below.


    I have loved all of your Art-work that I haceived on my email. Please continue submitting everything via email, that is working the best for me at this time.




     Click here for Youtube Story

     After the Fall











    Humpty-Dumpty 2


    Humpty-Dumpty 3





    PRE-SCHOOL Make sure you watch the Youtube video first.

    Your child has been working on drawing shapes. One shape they have practiced is drawing a circle. For this lesson have your child practice drawing "ovals". Then they can turn their oval into their own Humpty Dumpty. See if they can draw arms and legs. They can even try to create a face. Some children may even want to create clothing. The main idea is to have fun!

    Use the example below to help them.






    Humpty Dumpty Drawing



    Make sure you watch the Youtube video first.

    Use the example above to create their own Humpty-Dumpty. Have students use pencil first to draw details. Remind them to draw "lightly" with soft pressure so if they need to erase they can do it easily.


    Encourage your student to use their imagination to create a Humpty-Dumpty that shows personality.


    Using the mouths they practiced last week can be helpful when creating their Humpty-Dumpty.


    Each Humpty-Dumpty should have clothes they want to create using examples above to inspire them.


    When they are finished drawing have them color them if they wish.


    The main idea is to have fun with this!







    Make sure you watch the Youtube video first.


    Look at lesson above for Kindergarten-First Grade and try and create some fun clothes that have more detail. Use your imagination and make your Humpty-Dumpty say something about you.


    If you like sports, create a Humpty in a sports uniform, if you like dance, create a Humpty in a dance costume,. etc.








    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Emergency Plans for March 30-April 3, 2020

    These are my plans for the week.



    I will be on-line and accepting email communication throughout each school day, during regularly scheduled teaching hours. If you have any questions that come up at times other than M-F I will be checking my school email often will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Each class normally meets twice a week for forty minutes. My assignments can easily be done within that amount of time. Please do not let the children stress or worry about being perfect. Art should be fun whether at home or in the classroom.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question.

    All work assigned will be collected during our first class back fron this emergency closing.



    Miss Trumpbour






    Teri Trumpbour, for Art

    Emergency Plans

    March 30-April 3, 2020


    Continue with the March 16-27 Plan

    Building on the shape lesson, have your Pre-schooler try to create something out of one of their favorite shapes. For example:

    circle-fish, funny face, balloons, etc.

    square- house, robot, etc.

    rectangle -train, car, etc.

    triangle-sailboat, pine tree, etc.


     By doing this your child can see how we need shapes to draw objects.







    Teri Trumpbour, for ART


    MARCH 30-APRIL 3, 2020




    We all have different feelings at different times. This lesson is focused on how to show feelings by creating mouths as an artist. All you need is small pieces of paper and pencil. If you have markers or crayons that is good too! Always work with pencil first so you work on details.

    First, try to think of all the different feelings a person can have. Some can be...






    confused, etc...


    Look at the Cat examples. You can do the same thing with stuffed animals, your brother, sister, dad, mom, etc. If you did this with a pet, always be kind.













    Take small pieces of paper and create a mouth with feelings. Using a simple line to create a smile is fine, but try and make some mouths with lips, teeth and tongues. Use the above examples to help you. The main thing is to have fun and see how many feelings you can show with your drawings of mouths. Then see how you can change peoples, pets or stuffed animals feelings with your paper mouths.

    Please post this to my email ttrumpbour@manasquan.k12.nj.us  or through flipgrid https://flipgrid.com/trumpbour7882

    for a grade.








    Teri Trumpbour, for Art


    MARCH 30-APRIL3, 2020


    Contour Line Still Life

    This week I need all Second Graders to watch a Youtube video on creating a still life with Cassie Stephens ( A K-5 teacher in Tennessee) Miss Stephens did this lesson with Second Grade through Fourth Grade. After you are finished watching, you will be creating a contour line still life. Contour lines are only the outside and inside lines of an object. The only shading with your pencil is for a shadow underneath your object. 

    There are some vocabulary words to listen for while watching the Youtube. You know many of them. Listen for...








    parallel lines

    light lines (soft pressure)

    dark lines (hard pressure)

    contour lines


    Have fun watching watching Miss Stephens and when you do your still life try to choose simple objects. Example: a can, candy, a toy, etc.


    HERE IS THE VIDEO LINK (please skip commercial)




    Please post your drawing of your best still life to my email ttrumpbour@manasquan.k12.nj.us  or through flipgrid https://flipgrid.com/trumpbour7882

    for a grade.











    Teri Trumpbour, Instructor

    Emergency Plans

    March 16-27, 2020



    These lessons during our time away from school, for your Pre-Schooler will focus on three different skills for Art.

     Have your child focus on color by pointing out five different objects for each specific color:

    1. Red

    2. Yellow

    3. Blue

    4. Orange

    5. Green

    6. Violet-purple

    Upon return to school, teacher assessment of color identification will take place.


     Look for a variety of shapes in your home, or magazines such as:

    1. Circles







    Upon return to school, teacher assessment of all shapes identified will take place.

     Draw with pencil or crayons:





    Upon students return to school a paper with child’s name and above stated shapes will be presented to the Art Teacher, Miss Trumpbour.

    Make these exercises a fun game for the child and you.










    Emergency Plans

    March 16-27, 2020





    Because all students do not have all mediums (paints, markers, crayons, etc.) at home, I am limiting all lessons to just pencil and paper. Paper can be anything available, preferably simple white copy paper.


    In class we have learned about different genres of two-dimensional art such as landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, portraiture and still life. For this assignment your child will focus on still life. Have your child choose one of these objects:

    1. A favorite toy

    2. A food item such as a fruit, a dessert, a can of soup, etc.

    3. Plants such as flowers, potted plant, etc.


    Have student set up an area to work on looking at an object of their choice and drawing it using pencil lines only. Try not to color in with pencil but limit only to lines. If they would like to color it in with colors they may if they have materials to do so but it is not necessary. Pencil lines is the primary assessment.


    Please have your child place name and class on back of drawing and submit to Miss Trumpbour upon return to school.


    Make this fun for your child by having them select an item that makes them happy. The idea of this lesson is for them to look at objects and be able to depict what they see in an Art form.











    Emergency Plans

    March 16-27, 2020





    We have been using line to create textures. Our lines have been specifically showing a variety of lines to create the feeling of water. Have your student focus on line to create a texture for other objects over the two-week period.

    Ask them to use lines to create a texture from an item of their choice. (example, a rabbit with fur, a car with a hard surface, a fish with scales, a cobblestone road) They may use photographs, or items at home to help them. Please have the student make two separate drawings with two separate objects (one per week) with each one being a different texture using pencil, pen or marker.


    Some textures to think about, but have the students choose the items they want to draw:

    1. Furry

    2. Hard, smooth surfaces

    3. Bumpy surface

    4. Jagged surface

    5. Prickly surface

    6. Soft-puffy surface

    7. Rough surface

    Just choose two. Tell the student that they need to be ready to talk about which lines they chose and their drawings upon return to class.


    I am aware that some people do not have materials at home. If it is just pencil and paper that will be fine. Please tell children to have fun and enjoy making Art with texture.


    Teri Trumpbour has been employed at MES since 1990.  She had degrees in Fine Arts and Fashion Design and has studied at Pratt Institute and FIT.  Her Elementary Education degree is from Georgian Court University. 
    She has also taught all subjects in kindergarten and second grade as well as seventh and eighth grades language arts. 
    She has also designed costumes for McCarter Theatre, Brookdale College and has served as Art Director for many community stage productions.
    Teri is presently devoted to her Manasquan Elementary School artists.