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    Email Address: gboodey@manasquanboe.org
    Phone number: 732-528-8820 Ext. 1605

    "My favorite animal is the turtle...
    For the turtle to move, it has to stick its neck out."
                     --Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Trinity College
    Millerville State College(University)Millersville, PA
    BS Ed Teacher of the Handicapped K-12/Elementary Education K-8
    Mrs. Boodey is a proud graduate of Manasquan High School*
    and has been teaching at MHS for 30 years.
    She is a member of the I&RS Committee, NJEA, and is MEA PRIDE chairperson for the district.
    She received the Governor's Teacher Recognition award for 1998-1999.
    *Challenge...Can you locate Mrs. Boodey's picture in the first floor hallway? It is worth extra points on your homework average! E-mail me with the following information to earn the points: What is the activity or sport? What year is the picture? Where is the picture  actually located?
    PLEASE NOTE: Searching for Mrs. Boodey's picture is not an excused late to class!