• Entertainment Technology Course Offerings

    ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY I - Entertainment Technology I will explore the ins and outs of motion picture production, the entertainment sphere as a whole and fundamental equipment operation. This course showcases basic filming techniques, jobs/roles in production, individual and collaborative video projects and creating digital media using editing software and technological resources. Students will have the ability to learn the history of TV/Film Production as well as create novice-level short films and content for the high school.

    ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY II - Entertainment Technology II will explore more advanced techniques of digital media production. In this class you get a basic understanding of the business end of entertainment, the streaming wars, creating more engaging content on multiple platforms and expanding work behind the camera. Students will be using more up-to-date industry equipment while having a deeper appreciation for other aspects of production such as screenwriting, editing, lighting, audio recording, directing and film studies. This course will have a variety of methods for studio and field production. Prerequisite: Entertainment Technology I

    DIVERSITY IN TV/FILM - Diversity in TV/Film will explore the history of race/gender/LGBTQ and cultural representation on screen. This course will cover the current nature of expansion within the film/tv industry to create a balance within on-screen and offscreen initiatives through inclusion, diversity and gender roles. This class will include screenings of culturally rich and immersive television and film while also diving into the importance of inclusivity and balance in production overall.

    PODCASTING 101 - Podcasting 101 will explore the ins and outs of valuable intellectual property, modern broadcasting practices and creation of audio/video podcasting. Students will establish their inner “host” by functioning out of the MHS Studio as their very own Podcast Studio Network. In this class students can cover a multitude of topics from Sports/Entertainment Criticism, Interview Shows and MHS-centric Podcasts.