• Last Week (June 8-June 12)

      Design a State Blank Template <--- page 2 is optional- if it is done, you will get extra credit 


      Design a State Example



      Week 12 (June 1-5)

      License plate example:

       License plate example

      License plate template  <------- blank template 

      Week 11 (May 25-29)

      Memorial Day Video and Worksheet

      Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWn2RPr-GhE

      Worksheet:Memorial Day Worksheet

       Week 10:

      Biography Research Report Video Explanation of Biography Report <----- watch this first 

      Biography Project Directions - work at your own pace 

      Biography Graphic Organizer (rough draft)

      Biography Poster Template- this is for next week, but if you are finished earlier you can start it

      Biography Poster Example- Mrs. Brown's biography poster

      SS Treasure Map Example-CLICK ON ME!

      Treasure Map Directions:  click on above link for pictures - they are very helpful :) 

      This week we are going to make a map that leads you to a buried treasure.  There are directions that must be followed, so it is not just a drawing.  We will also be writing directions to the treasure map, so this is a two-part project.  You have the whole week to do it.  Below is just a suggestion on how to space it out.  Have fun with it.


      • Paper
      • Pencil
      • Ruler (if you don’t have a ruler, use your index finger between 1st & 2nd knuckle is an about an inch)
      • Markers/crayons/colored pencils


      Monday- Make a rough copy of your treasure map. Think of good names for locations, how many miles (inches) away destinations are from each other, and that everything is properly spaced out. It’s easier to write the directions if you have the map already done. You must include:

      1. Compass rose with intermediate directions
      2. Scale – 1 inch = 1 mile   Your map will have to be to scale so you need a ruler
      3. 3-4 destinations (do not do more than 5 destinations)
      4. 4-5 directions/steps (do not do more than 6 directions)


       Tuesday- Start your rough draft for your writing. See example.  Have an adult read it to make sure that the directions make sense and lead you to the treasure.


      Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – Final copy of the map and the directions. 

      I made 2 maps that are equally acceptable.  The second one I did in an “antique” style that may be fun to try, but not mandatory. Directions how to do the antique style are below.

      Map SkillsProject:

      For this project, you will design a map of an imaginairy island that you would like to live on. You will need to add your favorite things to your map and include a compass and a key. Be creative and make it colorful!

      On Friday you can send us a Flipgrid Video talking about your map or you can just email us a picture of it. Whichever is easier for you! 

      Example of a Map: