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    Virtual week 12! 

    Zoom times this week: Tuesday 12:15pm

    Week 12 (June 1-June 5):

     Plans June 1

    Virtual week 11! 

    Zoom times: Tuesday and Thursday 12:15pm 

     Week 11 (May 25-May 29):


    Monday: Memorial Day (no school) Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWn2RPr-GhE

    SS Memorial Day Worksheet: Memorial Day Worksheet to go with Video

    week 11

    Virtual week 10! 

    Zoom times: Tuesday and Thursday 12:15pm 

     Monday Class Trip Link: Young Scientist Lab - 3M Technology Field Trip

     Week 10 (May 18-May 22):

    week 10

    Virtual week 9! 

    Week 9 (May 11-May 15):

    week 9

    Virtual week 8! 


     Week 8 (May 4-May 8:

    week 8

     Week 7 (April 27-May 1)

    week 7 plans


    Week 6 (April 20-24)

     week 6 plans

    Week 5 (April 13-17)

    week 5



     Week 4 (April 6-9)

    4/6 plans




     Week 3 (March 30- April 3)

    ******Print out these pages for this week******

    *****If you can not print just copy answers onto blank piece of paper - you do not have to write out whole question/definition, just number the page and answer.*****

    Science: Lesson 5 check-up

    Science Vocabulary

    See create-a-plant examples in science section

    ****Remember you can listen to Mrs. W reading the Anchor Text: A Tree is Growing - click on link to your left****

    week 3


    WEEK 2 

    Anchor Text: audio reading on tab to the left

    Week 2

    Science worksheets to be handed in March 30

    Science lesson 3 checkup

    Science lesson 4 checkup


    WEEK 1 

    week 1


    Below are the pages that are not included in their workbook pages but must be completed. 

    Math & Science worksheets to be handed in March 23

    Math Quick Check 11-1

    Math Quick Check 11-2

    Math Quick Check 11-3

    Science lesson 1 checkup

    Science lesson 2 check up