• *Welcome to Week 13!*


    The Final Week!

    We will be ending the school year with some fun activities!

    Thursday we will be dropping off a goodie bag to each student. If there are any issues with that, please email us directly. We ask that the kids decorate their bags with their favorite memories of the school year then bring their bags to Friday's Party. 

    For Zoom this week, we will on have a Tuesday meeting at 12:15. We will have an end of year party on Friday at 12:15. There will be no Zoom for Thursday. 

    Make sure to keep up with all of your online assignments. Each week more assignments will be added for that week so try to complete them on the day they are assigned.

    Please don't forget to check subject tabs for all templates and examples.

      Don't forget to check your specials teacher homepages for their assigned work! (Health, Art, Spanish, Tech Ed, Gym, Music)


    Missing Assignments:

    Please check Genesis for any missing assignments. All past weekly plans are on located in the Previous Assignments Tab to the left. All work needs to be completed by Thursday, June 14th. 


    Zoom Schedule:

    Meeting: Tuesday and Friday at  12:15 pm. The invitation will be posted on Class Tag. 


    Time spent on each subject per day:

    Language Art - 80 min

    Math - 80 min

    Science - 40 min


    Don't forget to check out our class Flipgrid page! There are videos that you can view or share one of your own! I love seeing them, and I'm sure you all do too! 

    Website: flipgrid.com

    Log In info: student id number

    Class Code: mesbrown108 




    Grading: Please keep this in mind while you are completing your work each week! 

    For the 4th marking period we will be collecting grades from the Pearson Realize program, IXL and other projects that students will be asked to email us a picture of. Since the math and science are limited in the amount of questions asked, your grade will be a little different than the one reported. We are going to use the following scale for these assignments:

    1 wrong = 95%

    2 wrong = 85%

    3 or more wrong = 75%

    As for IXL, we will be looking to see if you have completed the assigned skills for that week and worked hard towards the Smart Score goal of 85%. If you have, then you will be given a 100% for participation that week.  



    Check the Closure Plans and Assignments Tab for weekly assignments and activities! All information is updated daily on that page. 


    Assignment Due Dates: 

    For assigned IXL skills, please try to complete them by the end of the week. The social studies project will be due by the end of the week. 


    *When assigned work is complete, a great way to meet your time is to read a chapter book or magazine, or to practice your math facts (flash cards or IXL). You can also check the optional work tab.