• English   Course Offerings   

    WRITING (9,10,11,12) One Semester 5 Credits

    In this semester length course, emphasis is placed on improving expression and style in expository writing by studying and practicing the several types of writing. Skills are taught with the assistance of the High School Computer/Writing Lab. Opportunities for creative expression in original poetry, short stories and drama are offered with peer evaluation. Students who wish to enhance their writing skills are urged to select this course.

    YEARBOOK PUBLICATION (11,12) Full Year 10 Credits

    This course is designed to incorporate life skills into the production of the school annual, The Treasure Chest. Throughout the full year course (July - June) the sta­ff is instructed in the use of computers, graphic design, layout preparation, copy, caption and headline writing, finance, marketing, photography, interviewing and advertising. The staff­ begins their preparation during the summer by attending a basic skills workshop for a week in July. During the school year, the staff­ will meet daily, and occasionally at night and on weekends, to meet scheduled deadlines. The staff­ is selected by the current sta­ff and adviser based on an application, a written essay, an interview and teacher recommendations. 

    SCREENWRITING (10,11,12) One Semester 5 Credits

    Screenwriting appeals to students who enjoy movies and writing. This class concentrates on the specific genre of screenwriting: writing for film and television. This course will be modeled after the U.C.L.A. School of Theater, Film and Television Screenwriting program. It will stress the theory and crafts of professional screenwriting. Students will learn concepts of story, structure and character. Students will read classic screenplays and analyze their films. Dialogue, style, and rules of writing and styles will become second nature. By the end of the course, students will draft, write and revise two short screenplays each between 15—30 pages.

    JOURNALISM/JOURNALISM WORKSHOP (10,11,12) Full Year 10 Credits

    Journalism Workshop is an exciting elective class in which students learn to write all styles of newspaper stories, ranging from news and editorials to features and reviews. Students also experience the prowess of newspaper publication, as monthly issues of Manasquan High School’s Blue & Gray are produced. Whether hatching ideas for interesting stories or reporting school events, the process includes decision making, interviewing, researching, writing, revising, and editing, as well as photography, page design, and computer layout. Students enrolled in the course must participate in this process and accept the responsibility of working both individually and as a team in order to manage multiple responsibilities, solve problems, and meet deadlines. Involvement with the Blue & Gray or The Treasure Chest can be a tremendous experience!  


    This course is dedicated to the critical study of classic and award-winning films. Students interested in this course will learn how to “read” the visual language of film, which is essential to functioning in our current world where so much is communicated visually and even subliminally. Students will be introduced to classic cinema and the cultural, historical, and artistic significance of film. Films studied will include Academy Award winners and nominees from the 1930's to the present, classic genres,as well as significant films recognized by the American Film Institute. Students who love movies and have impeccable attendance (most films cannot be seen outside of class) should consider this interesting elective.