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    "If your actions inspire others to dream more,
    learn more, do more
    and become more,
    you are a leader."
    - JohnQuincy Adams
    Email Address: pbattaglia@manasquanboe.org
    Phone number
    : 732-528-8820 Ext. 1669

    2017-2019 marks my 17th year as a member of the math department at MHS. I previously taught at Lakewood High School and Cardinal McCarrick High School.
    I am a PROUD alumnus of Penn State University, where I earned a B.S. in Actuarial Science.

    Before entering education, I worked in Washington, D.C. as an actuarial analyst for William M. Mercer's retirement consulting division.

    In my free time, I enjoy training for and competing in triathlons.

    More than anything though, I relish spending time with my beautiful wife and four kids.

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