Coggle Mind Maps


    Mind Map of the term "Adolescents"...including its synonyms, broader terms, and more narrow terms.

    What would you add to this?

     Your Turn! Create a Coggle for your project term(s):

    1. Use the web page scroll bar under the Coggle template below and scroll all the way to the right edge.
    2. In the right, upper corner of the Coggle template, click on "Create a copy of this Coggle". It will open in a new Internet window.
    3. Modify the template with your project's terms.
    4. Once finished, in the upper right corner of your new Coggle:
      • Click "Share this Coggle" >
      • New Link >
      • Click on the URL and Copy it >
      • Open your School Outlook Email >
      • Create a New Email to Mrs. Edwards >
      • Subject: [Your Topic] >
      • Paste your Coggle link in Body of the email >
      • Send Email to Mrs. Edwards