• Current Event Journal Requirements                          “Do Now”

    **Be aware of the world around you.  Listen, read, and watch the news!

     I.  Be prepared every day, Monday thru Friday, with a “Current Event of Your Choice”.  Write a short summary of your current event. Details are needed.

    *A summary of your favorite T.V. show will not be accepted.

    *2/5 articles for the week may pertain to sports and/or entertainment.


    II.  Weekly Current Event Presentations


     This is your opportunity to examine current event issues we have not spent time on in class. Every Thursday/ Friday, class will be run by students. You can either focus on a one-time event that occurred in the context of a larger societal issue (ex: the Constitutionality of state gun legislation) or an ongoing issue that we haven’t addressed in class (ex: tariffs). This assignment will be graded as a major assessment, with a total point value of 30. 


    On your given week, decide by Monday with your partner(s) which issue you will devote Thursday/Friday to. Then, locate your materials. Once you have chosen your article(s),share the documents on google docs, (this will take some copy + pasting), with Mrs. Lobosco (us1honors2019.2020@gmail.com) by Wednesday/Thursday 2:30 pm for copies. Materials will not be accepted after the deadline. If any update to your topic comes up in the news after the materials deadline, make sure to incorporate into your class period on Thursday/Friday.


    Lesson Content:

    1. Create a Powerpoint including the following information:
    • Aim (An open-ended question… something that can be discussed or debated!)
    • Historical context (When did this become an issue?)
    • Geographic context (You must incorporate at least one map or it needs to be attached to your reading.)
    • Contemporary political context (What are liberals and conservatives saying about the issue?)
    • Proposed solutions- options and consequences (How should this issue be addressed?)
    1. Provide at least one article for students to read during the class period. Students may read aloud as a class or individually. Article(s) must be from a reliable source and can be presented in one of the following formats:
    • Everyone reads one lengthy article together.
    • Split class readings: half class reads one of two articles outlining debates on both sides of issue.


    1. Discussion in response to your Aim. At least 10 minutes of the class period must be devoted to discussion. Hear from as many students as possible.


    My current events Friday date: _________________________________________




    Current Events Friday Facilitation


    ❑    Engages all students in active, challenging inquiry.

    ❑    Demands that students question assumptions and re-evaluate beliefs.

    ❑    Materials are thoughtfully designed and selected.

    ❑    Direction and facilitation are delivered very effectively. Instructors actively support student work.

    ❑    Lesson is prepared thoroughly and thoughtfully. Contingencies and potential issues considered.


    ❑    Engages students in active inquiry.

    ❑    Allows students to question assumptions and re-evaluate beliefs.

    ❑    Materials support student work.

    ❑    Direction and facilitation are delivered effectively. Instructors are helpful.


    ❑    Somewhat engages students in active inquiry.

    ❑    Somewhat allows students to question assumptions and re-evaluate beliefs.

    ❑    Materials somewhat support student work.

    ❑    Direction and facilitation are delivered somewhat effectively.


    ❑    Somewhat or does not engage students in active inquiry.

    ❑    Does not encourage students to question assumptions and re-evaluate beliefs.

    ❑    Materials do not support student work.

    ❑    Direction and facilitation are delivered ineffectively.