United States History I Honors Mrs. Lobosco

    Course Description and Classroom Expectations

    I. Course Description

    United States History I Honors is designed to furnish an understanding and appreciation of our country’s early heritage. The study will examine the development of our country from the creation of our first government (socially, economically, and politically), to the Progressive Era of the early 1900’s.


    II. Classroom Rules

    A. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class.

    1. At the sound of the bell you will be in your assigned seats and quiet.

    2. Arriving late to class will not be tolerated.

    *Please refer to the MHS student handbook for the late to class policy.


    B. Leaving the Room

    1. Passes to leave the room will be given in emergency situations.

    2. Please notify me at the beginning of class if you will be leaving for a scheduled guidance appointment etc.

    3. Do not make a habit of asking for bathroom passes.

    4. The pass must be signed out with time, date, & name before leaving the room.


    C. Stay in your seats until I dismiss you.

    1. Do not pack up books, notebooks, and other class materials until you are dismissed.

    2. You will never line up at the door.


    D. Always leave the room neat, clean, and organized. Stay away from the teacher’s desk and any video equipment.


    E. Food, drinks, backpacks/large bags, cell phones, ipods, earbuds, and gum chewing are not permitted in the classroom.


    F. ID Badges must be worn at all times while in the school building.


    G. Tablets and Cell Phones

    1. Tablets must come to class charged every day.

    *Do not plan to charge your tablet upon entering the class room.

    2. Unauthorized web browsing is not permitted in the classroom.

    3. Pictures/video recordings are prohibited during the class period with cell phones and


    4. Cell Phones: Upon entering the classroom, cell phones must be placed in the numbered

    cell phone pocket holder located in the front of the room.



    ** At all times show respect towards your teacher and classmates.

    Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.


    III. Class Procedure

    A. Be Prepared.

    1. The following materials should be brought to class each day:

    Covered Textbook (Please do not use a book sox), USI Notebook, Homework, Pen, Pencil, Highlighter, and a charged tablet. (The classroom is not a charging area)

    2. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to return to your locker after class has started


    B. Tests

    1. Will always be announced.

    2. Material will come from notes, textbook, homework and classwork assignments, handouts, movies, current events, and class discussions.

    3. Cheating will result in a grade of 0 and parents will be notified.


    C. Homework

    1. Will not be accepted late.

    2. Do not consider homework assignments busy work.

    3. It is your responsibility to copy down the homework assignment in class.

    *The homework calendar on the canvas class website will be updated daily.

    With that said, “the homework is not listed on your website” will not be an excuse

    for a missing assignment.


    D. Absence from class

    1. Homework:

    a. If you are absent the day a homework assignment is due, the assignment will be turned in on the day of your return.

    b. If you are absent the day a homework assignment is given you will have one day after your return to hand in the work.

    c.** Possible option: email me during the school day to check on work/hw missed

    while not in class.

    2. Tests

    a. If you are absent only on the day of the quiz, you will make up the quiz upon your return.

    b. Make up Test Day: The Tuesday following the missed test. Immediately

    after school in room 562. A “no show” will result in a grade of 0.


    *An absence from school is not an excuse for incomplete work!

    **It is your responsibility to make up all work missed while not in class.


    E. Cheating: Is defined as a student not doing his/her own work. To violate rules dishonestly. This will include but not be limited to the following issues:

    ~Copying another student’s homework, test answers, current event entries, or reports/projects.

    *Cheating will result in a grade of 0 for the assignment and parents will be notified.

    Plagiarism: to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own without crediting the source.

    * A student that has submitted a plagiarized paper will receive a grade of 0 and parents will be notified.


    F. Library Passes will be given out when projects have been assigned.


    G. Class Participation

    1. Class discussion by students is encouraged.

    2. Questions, answers, and opinions are welcomed.

    3. Always raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.

    4. Questions and comments should pertain to the topic being discussed.



    H. Current Events

    1. Students will be prepared every day to answer questions concerning topics in the news.

    2. Journal entries will be made at the start of each class period.


    I. Notebooks

    1. Should include notes, handouts, homework assignments, tests.

    2. All papers must be dated.

    3. Organization is a must.


    IV. Grades will be calculated using results from projects, tests, quizzes, homework, current event journals, notebooks, and *class participation.

    *This includes participation in class discussions, cooperation with classmates during group work, and class behavior.

    **Extra Credit will not be accepted.



    V. Materials needed for USI class Grade Policy

    A. 3 ring binder Grades will be based on a point system

    B. Black and white marble journal as per department policy. Test grades will C. Pen & Highlighter have a greater point value than quizzes, homework.

    D. Textbook

    E. Charged Tablet


    Online Textbook: GO..hrw.com Holt American Anthem

    User name: manasquan2017

    Password: #Manasquan2017



    I will be available to answer questions and provide extra help:

    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 2:30-3:00.

    Tuesday 2:30-3:15.

    Room 562 or the Library


    I can be reached at: Email: jlobosco@manasquanboe.org

    Phone: 732-528-8820 ext. 1835