• Manasquan Elementary School

    Grade 8 Language Arts
    Course Description:
    Eighth grade language arts is divided into four units designed to challenge each individual student and prepare them for high school English courses.  These units are:
    • Growing Relationships
    • Decisions, Actions, and Consequences
    • Differing Cultures and Perspectives
    • Reflections and Meaning

    As we progress through these units, students will be utilizing multiple sources to improve their reading and writing skills.  The Holt Literature text will be used to analyze and work with short stories and informational articles.  We will also be reading a number of novels (both classic and current) over the course of the year.  As students develop their writing, we will be using the Holt Language text to advance their grammar, as well as many other resources to assist in the writing process.

    Please download the Guidelines and Procedures packet for all additional class information and policies.