Manasquan School District

         Evaluation Advisory Committee

    Committee Members

    The Manasquan School District's Teacher Evaluation Advisory Committee is composed of a board of education member, administrators, teachers, and parents.

    Dr. Frank Kasyan,  Superintendent

    Jesse Place, Director of  Technology, Supervisor of Science 
    Barbara Kerensky, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Supervisor of English and World Language 

    Rick Coppola, MHS Principal

    Colleen Graziano, MES Principal

    Margaret Polak, Supervisor of Special Education

    Craig Murin,Supervisor of Mathematics and Business

    Linda DiPalma, Board of Education Member

    Gretchen Boodey, MHS Special Education Teacher

    Jason Bryant, MHS Social Studies Teacher, Parent

    Kristen Zdanowicz, MHS Mathematics Teacher

    Christin Walsh, MES Reading Specialist

    Andrew Manser, MES Mathematics Teacher

    Susanne Brown, Parent