• The Invitation and Application Process for NJHS Selection

    1- Week of February 27 - Invitations to begin the application and selection process will be mailed home.

    2- Friday, March 17 - Completed forms are due to Miss Saake in Room A-6 by 3:00 pm. Received forms will be signed and dated upon receipt. Forms received after this date and time will not be considered. No exceptions.

    a. Please do not submit packets in special presentation folders or in any special format. Please return forms paper clipped together. Thank you!

    3- Week of March 20- The Faculty Council will review and evaluate forms. Students will be evaluated based on Leadership, Service, Citizenship and Character.

    4- Week of March 27 - Students will receive letters of acceptance or regret. Letters of acceptance will have information regarding the induction ceremony and a letter to return by Friday, March 31. This letter will be a formal acceptance or declination of the invitation to join NJHS.

    5- Friday, March 31 - Return acceptance or declination letter to Miss Saake in Room A-6 by 3:00 pm.

    An Induction Ceremony will take place in April. You will receive a letter when the date and time have been confirmed.