• Mandatory Summer Reading Grades 5-8

    Dear Parents,

    Manasquan Elementary School adopted a mandatory summer reading program for the incoming 5th through 8th graders. The 5th through 8th graders are responsible for following the directions for each grade level. Incoming 5th graders will be selecting one book from their grade level reading list. The 5th grade students have a grade level assignment to complete prior to school starting. The 6th through the 8th grade students will be required to read their grade level novel and will be responsible for the content when they return in September.

    Summer days spent at the library have been documented as playing a significant role in fostering literacy with our children. Summer vacation is a time when statistically, children lose reading skills. Children who spend time with books are making a huge leap towards reading achievement. Reading is a skill for life, and, as with any skill, practice is key. It is clear to researchers that children who participate in summer reading programs perform significantly better in school and are more likely to read at or above their grade level. 

    In addition to our mandatory summer reading program, there is so much more you can do to help your child become a stronger, more accomplished reader. It is truly a family effort and parents are encouraged to make a conscious effort to keep books accessible everywhere and make reading a part of a typical every day routine. Here are a few simple suggestions:

    • Spend an afternoon browsing a bookstore or the local library
    • Receive 10% off your summer reading lists at Manasquan’s Booktowne
    • Hide the Video Game controllers and unplug the INTERNET access
    • Pack books in the beach bag
    • Make your own special occasion and wrap a book as a gift!
    • Form a Reading Club with your children and their friends
    • Select one day a week for Library Time and keep it like a weekly appointment!
    • Go to www.wegivebooks.org and log the books you read and they donate books to others
    • Visit the Barnes and Nobles website for a chance to win a free book this summer http://www.barnesandnoble.com/summerreading/index.asp

    Happy Reading!


    Colleen Graziano                                           Christin Walsh                                               

    Principal                                                       Reading Specialist