Students will learn the culinary background, meal customs, and staple foods of foreign countries. The class will prepare relative recipes of the geographic area being covered, including holiday foods. As a semester project, students will conduct research of a selected country, presenting their findings, menu of typical dishes, and a representative food sample. Expand your culinary appreciation with cultural foods and cooking techniques.




    Basic Foods is an introductory course in nutrition and foods. The curriculum explores proper nutrition and its relation to improved health, physical performance, and disease prevention. Various food preparations provide practice in basic cooking techniques and organization to promote independence and food knowledge. Focus on an ideal diet and lifestyle are presented through units based on the current USDA MY Plate model of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and dairy foods.




    Students will gain an understanding of the elements and principles of design, applying them to create garments and interiors. Concepts including garment construction, textile selection, style and color analysis will be considered. Students will practice skills for drafting and sketching to develop models for spaces and clothing. Assignments will focus on project-based learning with technology integration to create and present designs. This course will provide further exposure to various career opportunities and influential figures in Fashion and Interior Design.