We in the Manasquan High School English Department believe that homework is an important and integral part of a successful student’s education.  It is expected that homework assignments will be completed on time and to the best of the student’s ability.  Failure to do so results in poor performance in classroom activities, quizzes and tests.  It is our mission to aid students in achieving at their highest level and so have developed the following standards so that students will complete homework assignments satisfactorily.




    ·        No late homework will be accepted.

    ·        All homework assignments must be totally complete in order to receive credit.

    ·        Students will begin each marking period with a homework average of 100.  The appropriate number of points will be deducted from 100 for each assignment not completed satisfactorily.  The resulting score will constitute each student’s homework average.

    ·        Homework and participation will not exceed 15% of the marking period grade.