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    The Manasquan Elementary School Health Office has an ongoing dedication to fostering a positive attitude towards creating sound minds and bodies for our students and faculty during the school hours. Maintaining a healthy school atmosphere and environment each day of the school year is paramount to the academic success of our students. 

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at any time throughout the year! 

    mciufo@manasquanboe.org or call (732) 528-8810- X 2020;   Fax # (732) 223-9736 


    Margaret (Peg) Ciufo, RN -- MES School Nurse 




     Here are some helpful hints from the County Health Dept. and CDC:

     *Cases of flu are being seen here in the school, in the county and throughout the country.

                                   *Flu can be easily confused with a bad cold. However, Flu is a disease which can have serious complications.

                       *People who have the Flu often feel some or all of these symptoms that start suddenly, not gradually:

           *Fever or feeling feverish/chills


          *Sore throat

          *Runny or stuffy nose

          *Muscle or body aches


          *Fatigue (very tired) 

          *Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though more common in young children than in adults

     *It is important to note that not everyone with the Flu will have a fever.

                *It's not too late to get the Flu shot.

          *Anyone with fever should remain home until they are 24 hours fever free. 

    As the weather temperatures begin to dip again, remember to bundle up in the cold weather:

           *Hat    *Gloves   *Scarf   * Water-resistant coat and boots

    Dress in layers of warm clothing and encourage your family members to do the same!

    Contact your health care provider for more information on the Flu Vaccine and for treatment for

    Colds and the Flu.



     Fifth's Disease

     To Parents/Guardians:

    Your child may have been exposed to Fifth Disease at school. We have 2 confirmed cases of Fifth's Disease in the 4th Grade. Fifth Disease is a viral infection that occurs most often in elementary school-age children.

    Common Signs and Symptoms:

    -Low grade fever and tiredness

    -Appearance of a lacy rash on the cheeks which gives a "slapped face" appearance. Rash may appear on the body and may be itchy.

    -Some children have no symptoms at all

    *Symptoms usually appear 4 to 14 days after exposure.


    For additional information about fifth disease, please refer to the FAQ's at this link: http://www.nj.gov/health/cd/documents/faq/fifth_faq.pdf

    If your child has the above symptoms, please consult a healthcare provider.

    NOTE: Pregnant women and those with chronic red blood cell disorders (e.g., Sickle Cell disease, should contact their healthcare provider if exposed to Fifth disease).

    Fifth disease appears to be contagious during the week prior to the appearance of the rash. It is not necessary to exclude students from school once the rash has appeared. 



    The New Jersey Department of Health requires every 6th grade student to get a Tdap and a Meningococcal vaccine BEFORE the first day of school.  Letters are being mailed home with this information so please make sure to get your child vaccinated and to hand in your paperwork to the Health Office ASAP.


    Sport Physicals 

     Any student who wishes to participate in a sport, needs to have a COMPLETE sport packet handed in.

    These packets are located on the wall, outside of the Health office.  Once you have your packet, please fill out all pages and make sure that signatures are on each page.  Your Pediatrician will fill out the 2 pages referring to the actual physical. The rest of the packet is the responsibility of the student and parent to fill out.

    ONLY COMPLETE PACKETS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Also, do NOT wait until the day of practice to hand in your sports physical.  It takes weeks to get the Nurse and our School Doctor to sign off on everything.

    Hand in your packet early!!!  The physical is good for 365 days-if you get your physical over the summer then you will be valid to play all sports all year!!!!


    Medication Information 



    Pupils requiring medication at school must have written request of the parent or guardian and a written order from the prescribing physician which identifies the type, dosage, time, interval, purpose and side effect of the medication.  

    "Medication" shall include all medicines prescribed by a physician, including any over the counter medications.  Medicines must be properly labeled, in the original container, with the child's name, dosage, etc., on the pharmacist's label and need to be brought in to the Nurse by a parent or guardian.

     Only the school nurse will administer the medication and it will be kept in the Nurse's office. 

    Below you will find the school medication policy and medication forms. Choose the appropriate form, click and print! 

     Asthma paperwork

    Food allergy paperwork

    General medication paperwork



    The school Nurse is available during school hours to attend to student injuries and illnesses that occur DURING the school day.  Please do not send your child to school with a request to see the Nurse first thing in the morning to be checked for a fever or an injury that occurred outside of school.  
    Please contact the school nurse when a student has a communicable disease such as Chicken pox or Strep throat.

    If your child has a temperature over 100 degrees, they need to stay at home until they are 24 hours without a fever.

    If they have nausea/vomiting, with or without fever, they need to be 24 hours without vomiting before returning to school.

    **Please keep us updated with accurate emergency phone numbers in case your child gets sick at school and we need to contact you.

    Any student with an injury requiring exclusion from gym or recess will require a note from the doctor stating date(s) of exclusion.  Only a Dr's note can excuse a student from Gym.  Please contact me if your child needs to use crutches during the school day.

    NEW physician's note will then be required to return to gym/recess activities.


    Attention Mighty Milers-Rising Road Runners! 

    I want to thank all of the over 100 members of this year's Mighty Miler club-I am so proud of your hard work and dedication this year! 

    We will continue our running club next year!  The only thing that will change is our name. We will now be called the Rising Road Runners!  Same great prize incentives-same great fun! The club will be open for all grade levels in our school, so if you have ever wanted to learn how to run or be a part of a great team, this may be a great fit for you!

    We will have our first meeting on Wed. Oct. 4th at 7:45AM!

    **Road Runners meet most Wednesday mornings at 7:40AM in the Gym.  Please check under the clubs website for current schedule.



     Below please find several links and some information that may be helpful. 

    Please see our lice information letter below.

     Lice information

     Lice Protocol 

    American Academy of Pediatrics - Lice Information


    Nutrition information

    Below are some links to healthy eating and nutrition information sites. I have shared this information with the students this year and I wanted to leave the links on the website so that the parents can refer to them if necessary.

    National Nutrition Month 

    Healthy Eating Plate  

    Colorful Food Challenge 


    NJ Family Care

    If your family should need any information about affordable, quality health coverage, please click on the link below: